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If you're a spiritual seeker and you want to feel God's presence in your life, then I've got great news for you. I’ve got a new book for you called "The Ultimate Love Affair: Awaken to God's Love in Just 40 Days" that’s going to help you let go of the past and deepen your connection with God.

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Hi! I’m April O'Leary...

I’m a wife and a mom of three girls! I've been a life coach since 2010 and am the founder of O'Leary Publishing, a Concierge Publishing company specializing in helping business professionals market their brand with a custom book. Oh, and I'm also an author too.

Being an Influencer's doesn't mean you have to have a million followers or make a million dollars. In fact, many influential people are more focused on spreading timely ideas and insights than they are on turning a huge profit. It's more about impact than income. Although often the income follows quite quickly.

April O'Leary, President of O'Leary Publishing, started off as a Life Coach with little marketing experience or 'following'. But with her desire to reach as many people as possible, she wrote her first book in 2012. From that initial rush of bringing a book to market and then subsequently using that book to spawn an 8-week online course, build her brand and run two successful conferences, she found her calling. Since then she has published three more books and founded a concierge publishing company, O'Leary Publishing, to help you do exactly what she has done.

For more info on working with O'Leary Publishing please visit www.olearypublishing.com.

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April's Signature On-Demand Courses

Self-Care for Moms 101
Self Care For Moms 101

If you’re great at taking care of everyone else but feel tired this is for you. This 4-week online course includes the Self-Care for Moms study guide, 4 audio classes & exercises to help you find happiness in putting yourself on the priority list.

S.T.O.P. Reacting 101

We all know that stress can lead to yelling and frustration. In this 5-week audio course you’ll learn how to manage your emotions more peacefully and be in control when speaking with your spouse and children.

Ride The Wave Course
Ride The Wave - 8 Week Course

Based on April’s book, Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living, during this 8-week self-guided course you’ll learn how to create peace in your life and detach from drama, resentment, anger and frustration. Comes with her ebook, and a printable journal and workbook.


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