10-Day Team Challenge

Get your team together to cleanse your body and systemize your business in just 10 Days!

WARNING! After this challenge you will be UNSTOPPABLE.


Clear out your body and your business from the junk in your trunk (yes that trunk…you know the one with all those old files you never look at anymore….oh yeah, and that other one too)!  We’re here to help you.

Join Casey Sollock, Holistic Health Coach and creator of the 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge and April O’Leary, Business Coach and leader of The Hive in this amazing experience that has the potential to change the way you feel about both yourself and your business.

When you join this On-Demand Do-It-Yourself Challenge you’ll get:

  • An Eat-Clean Grocery List to help you stock up on all the good stuff
  • A One-Hour Kickoff Webinar with Casey and April to give you and overview of what to expect
  • Ten Eat-Clean Lessons that will guide you step-by-step through this cleansing event
  • Ten Gut Renewal Lessons to help you understand how to create a healthy digestive environments
  • Ten Business Challenges (Beginner Level) includes how to use Google Tools and Forms, simple Graphic Design, how to find help for just $5 and more!
  • Ten Business Challenges (Advanced Level) build on the Beginner lessons or jump right ahead to the advanced lessons if you’re a bit more tech savvy.
  • Ten Self-Care Audio Lessons to help you refocus on yourself and take your business to the next level.  Topics include: Letting go of guilt, setting boundaries, creating calm at-home and more!
  • All of this is delivered straight to your inbox in 10 Daily emails to challenge you to recharge your business and your life!

Reclaim your radiance with lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and crisp, clear water PLUS reclaim your business with lots of systemizing, planning and organizing too.  And, don’t forget those GREEN SMOOTHIES and GREEN CASH RUNS!  You have to join in to find out more about that.

Nothing weird here…no magic pills or artificial promises. Just a good Reboot for your Booty (yes, both your butt and your treasure).

Follow the plan for just 10-days and you will feel more energized, weight will come off, your skin will begin to glow, and you will feel like a million bucks!  And hopefully be on your way to earning a million bucks too!

You have NOTHING TO LOSE except brain fog, fatigue, and unwanted pounds and clutter that is holding you back from being the Queen Bee we know you are!

This experience has the potential to change your business and your life!


Before I sipped my first green smoothie, I was the biggest skeptic in the whole wide world!  It’s the most tasty way to get lots of alkalizing leafy greens into your daily nourishment.  You’ll get lots of recipes and its SUPER easy.  Clean up is a breeze, too!” ~ Casey

Of course you’re ready to join us!  Who can say no to health and wealth and a group of amazing women who want you to succeed and make 2015 your best year yet?

EXTRA DETAILS: No special equipment necessary.  No special mixes, vitamins or supplements to buy.  Have a health and wellness business?  Infuse your company’s products into this course for an added benefit if you wish.  Use this course with your customers.  All you need is a blender (nothing fancy or expensive)!  We’ll be doing green smoothies (and other smoothies) throughout the 10-Day Challenge.