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3 Steps to Train Your Network Marketing Business Like a Dog

14 08 07 Train Your Business like a dogI love running in the mornings and most mornings I head out alone. But this morning was different.

I had laced up my shoes, thrown on my favorite Nike running hat and was about to head out the door and there sat Monty, my 50 lb. brindle Florida Cur, between me and my exit through the laundry room.

Looking up at me with sad eyes, I couldn’t say “No” so I clipped on his leash and let him come with me.

It’s not that I don’t want to give him the exercise but the plain fact of the matter is that he is strong AND he is not very well-trained. Much of a run spent with Monty consists of bracing yourself when you see a squirrel, rabbit or another dog. It’s frustrating because it disrupts my flow and makes my runs a little less enjoyable.

Whose fault is that? Mine. I haven’t invested the time to train him properly so to say he’s a bad dog, or he’s un-trainable would be a lie. I will mention that over the past year I have tried a little bit of “Heel!” and “Stop that!” and “Come here” and eventually gave up and quit taking him altogether. Nothing seemed to work.

Photo Aug 07, 12 51 03 PMBut TODAY, those sad eyes got the best of me. So instead of resorting to the same lame techniques that haven’t been working for over a year I tried something different.

When I saw another dog approaching I said calmly, sternly and with authority, “No. No. No. No. No. No.” and I shortened his leash and kept him by my side. OMG! It worked the first time. That must have been a fluke. So I tried it again.

“No. No. No. No. No.” I said again as another dog and owner approached. It worked! By the end of the run I only had to say it a few times and he was right by my side. Gosh that was easy, why didn’t I do that a year ago?

The answer: I didn’t know any better.

So how does this all apply to building your network marketing business. That is what you’re here for after all, right?

Training your business is quite like training a dog. You can’t blame the business if it’s not producing the results you want. You have to look at yourself.

Here are three ways to take ownership and start to train your business to stop yanking you around and start giving you the results you desire.

1) Be clear about what you DO want-

It’s easy to focus on what we don’t want. I didn’t want Monty to pull my arm so I quit taking him on runs. This is one reason 50% of Network Marketing business owners quit in the first year. This can’t be overstated In your business figure out what you DO want and how YOU are going to get it. Here are some examples: I want to earn $1000 a month. I want to achieve this level of leadership. I want to build a team of 20. Write them down.

2) Say NO to what is not working-

Look at your list from Step 1. Now see what you are doing in your business that is not in alignment with these outcomes. What can you stop doing? Do you waste time on administrative tasks? Do you need to say ‘no’ to the fear of calling more prospects each week? Is that selling or recruiting strategy you’ve tried not working? Try something else. Just say “No” and move on.

3) Be Consistent-

Once you know what you DO want, and you have said “No” to those things that are not producing results, you have to keep tweaking. Stay the course and consistently practice. I went through a slew of commands, all of which didn’t work, and then, a year later, I figured out the one command that DID work. The same is true for you in your business. You’ll likely go through many revisions and eventually you’ll figure out what work, just like magic.

Keep at it. Trust that with time, effort, patience and consistency you WILL figure out your magic formula. If you need help sticking with it, want more motivation each week and want to meet other amazing women who are building their businesses just like you check out The Hive.

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