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3 Ways To Be An Overnight Success

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Have you ever wanted to be an overnight success? Where you were ‘discovered‘ for your talent or your looks. Or maybe you recruited just the right person into your business and it exploded.

Yeah, me too!

You look at people who win the lottery and end up broke years later. Why? They never built the foundation or the habits to be able to sustain a higher level of financial success than they were already experiencing. This is true for so many boom and bust stories.

But there are stories of people who ‘appear’ to be an overnight success. It’s why I love the Katy Perry Movie. Watch it on Netflix tonight if you haven’t seen it. Her breaking onto the scene with “I Kissed a Girl” and subsequent world tour came after years and years of heart break, disaster and wall kicking moments. Yet she didn’t quit.

So let’s look at the reality of building the foundation that’s required to sustain success, and let’s figure out how to get it. What do the most successful overnight success stories really look like and how can you emulate them?

Here are three simple stages you’ll have to weather to build your own ‘overnight success story.

  1. LIVE THROUGH THE RESIDUAL EFFECTS OF YOUR PAST LIFE: Realize that your current life is only a reflection of the residual effects of your past actions. What that means is, who you are now and who you appear to be can be two entirely different things and usually are when you are moving in the right direction. If you have little money in the bank, it is because you had the beliefs and actions that supported the idea that you are not worth money in the past. That was in the past. However, you can decide to change the actions and beliefs about money today, and take new actions and beliefs to the bank. This over time will create a new reality, but only over time.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE THE GAP AND EXERCISE FAITH. Realize there is a gap. The gap is between the actions you are taking today and the life you are experiencing today. This is where faith is required. Actions are simply vehicles for a better future life. That’s it. So take the actions based on the future life you want, not based on what you currently have. The new seeds planted will eventually start sprouting. Keep the faith while you’re living out the season of ‘residual’ and waiting for the new harvest to come.
  3. CONTINUE TO DO WHAT GOT YOU THE NEW HARVEST. When life and business get better there is a temptation to slip back into old habits. Guard against is. Be disciplined. Realize that it didn’t happen overnight. You built the foundation with new beliefs and habits to create this new reality. The trick is, continue doing what it took to get that new reality. Don’t stop and think that things will stay the same if you go back to old habits; they won’t.

Utilize these three steps in building a new successful future in your life and business. In this video below I share more about living right now to experience a future harvest and how to not allow the residual to get you down.