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3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Business on Social Media

3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Business on Social Media

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3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Business on Social Media

For today’s topic, I want to talk about three social media strategies to help you build more engagement with the people in your network. I often see people using tactics, that likely their companies teaching them, to promote their products, their company name, and their company culture. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination and people often find that engagement is low on those kinds of postings.

What is one to do when they want to share their products, and they want to share their opportunity, and they want to help people? Well, here’s how you can create a little more curiosity and engagement when you’re using social media.

 don't use your company name




Please don’t use your company name. When someone requests me as their friend and I see that they say, I’m the top presenter at Younique, or I am a director with Thirty-One, or I’m an associate with Stella and Dot. Then I automatically know what they do, and what they’re looking to do. It sort of prevents me from getting to know them as a person, because I categorize them into the same group of everyone else I know who does that particular thing.

Now I say that in a friendly way, and as a coach, because I know many people across the industry who are in some more companies. In fact, I’m in a company that thousands and thousands of other people are in as well, but I bet you don’t know what that company is. Why? Because I don’t share it on social media. I simply provide value through tips, strategies, and motivation to build your own business and be the best you can be in your own company. Why not use your company name? Because when you use your company name, you are giving away too much information and others are not going to ask you questions about what it is that you do. Plain and simple.

eep it positive while sharing your life




Make a point to share positive messages. I don’t really care if you slept in too late, if your dog ate your homework, or if nobody bought from you last week. The plain fact of the matter is, I want to see what’s going well in your life, and I want to see that when you have challenges, you have a positive spin on those challenges.

Many of you know that recently I decided to take a path to sobriety. I’m excited about that. It’s a challenge. It’s a new opportunity to learn and it’s something were I’m sharing a bit transparently about a journey that I’m personally taking. I can’t tell you how many people have reached out to me supporting, and also sharing their own struggles with addiction, or their own sobriety successes. I’ve had two or three people specifically who have emailed me, telling me that was the jump start they needed to make a positive change in their life. Share your success and share your struggles, but share them in a positive way that’s meant to help other people.

don't sell on social media use it to drive people to your home base




Use social media to be social, not to sell. People don’t look at social media as a place for eCommerce. You want to buy a book you go to Amazon, you want to buy a car you go to your local car dealership. If you want to buy a slew of other things, you might go to Craigslist, or eBay, or Etzy, but when you log onto Facebook, you’re not looking for buying things. You’re looking for connecting with people.

Use your social stream as a way to be social, let people get to know you and use it to also drive people to your home base, where you control the conversation. This is why I highly recommend everyone who has a home business, direct selling, network marketing, franchising your home, whatever you want to call it, create your own website. Please brand yourself. When you brand yourself, it doesn’t matter what company you’re with, or if the company comes and goes, as they often do, or if you decide your passions change and you want to switch companies, because you have branded yourself, and not branded the company. Look into how to build your blog, and how to use social media to drive people to that.

Please share if you got value on these three tips, on how to use social media more effectively, and comment below and let me know which one meant the most to you today. I look forward to helping you as you grow your home business.