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4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Home Business

4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Home Business

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4 Steps to Getting Control of Your Home Business

We recently started dog training with our 4 yo Florida Cur, Monty, who struggles with anxiety. After just a few sessions we’ve already seen a difference.

Now we are taking Stella, our 7 mo puppy, with us. She’s stubborn and friendly as the day is long. The interesting thing is that OUR behavior is what needs to change for both of them to change.

How? Well we just need to follow directions and be consistent.

Does that sound familiar?

In your home business if you feel out of control and that you’re spinning your wheels and you’re not seeing the success you want….OR you are growing and have hit a plateau….here are some suggestions to help you move forward.

 See what you are tolerating See what you are tolerating – I was tolerating the dogs pulling ME on a walk. I was tolerating barking that was unnecessary. I didn’t know how to change it. But I had to get to the point where I was DONE tolerating what I didn’t like. That point is different for everyone, but the sooner you can recognize it the better!

See who can help you See who can help you – I knew I didn’t know the answer. IF I did, wouldn’t I have already been doing it? So we had to ask someone more knowledgeable and show up with a teachable attitude. You can do the same. Reach out for help and then listen.

Be willing to apply the suggestions DAILY Be willing to apply the suggestions DAILY – If we showed up for our one hour session and came home and did nothing. Nothing would change. That is what MOST people do. Their head is full of knowledge but that isn’t affecting their action. But you’re NOT MOST PEOPLE! Work the program.

Trust the results will come Trust the results will come – Some days I wonder if I’ll ever have to stop correcting the leash every 10 feet. I know, though, with consistent practice, it will work. Why? It has worked for countless other dogs and owners, so why not me? Of course it will work for me!

WHY NOT YOU? That’s the biggest hurdle. Believing in yourself. To get your business under control you have to have your mind under control. You have to be willing to see a problem, get help, apply the wisdom through daily action and trust the results will come.