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52 Weeks to FREEDOM Challenge

15 10 13 52 weeks to freedomWhat if you could have freedom?  Time freedom.  Financial freedom.  Did I mention TIME freedom?!  No bosses bossing you around.  No one to tell you where to go and what to do.  Sounds like heaven on earth, right?

Keep reading to join the 52 Weeks to Freedom Challenge.

It’s almost Halloween and soon enough you’ll be bowled over by Thanksgiving and Christmas and then back into the New Year’s Resolution phase.  Then we all know what happens after that.  You get back to the same-old-same-old routine that has left you feeling a little less than inspired.

What if it could be different?

Forget waiting.  Today is the day to start something new.  What is it you want to create?  Who do you want to become?  What is your highest priority goal and how are you going to make it happen?

Choose something. Here are some ideas:

  • Do you want to earn more money?  How will you do that?
  • Do you want to spend more time with your family?  What needs to happen to free up your schedule?
  • Do you want to travel more often?  What is going to change to make travel more possible for you?
  • Do you want to finally fit back into your skinny clothes?  When will you create new habits to support that goal?

This is what the #52weeks Challenge is all about.  Clarifying what you want, creating a plan to get there, building in support and accountability and STICKING WITH IT FOR 52 WEEKS.

Here’s the #52weeks Challenge!

1. Clarify what you want to be,do or have 52 weeks from now.  Comment below.

2. Subscribe below to get the weekly info.  You’ll get a free gift too.

3. Show up here every week and comment on your progress.

4. Do #3 for 52 weeks!

5. Post your progress on social media and tag it with the hashtag #52weeks.

Let’s not wait one more week, one more day or one more minute.  Start with clarifying what you want.  Declare it below in the comments.  Be specific.

What am I doing in the next 52 weeks?  I’m challenging myself to build a new home-based business along side of my coaching practice.  Starting 100% from scratch.  In this side business I want to help enough people to generate an additional $5,000/month in income by next Oct 2016.  

I want you to see what it looks like so I’ll be reporting back on my activity level, my feelings and results each Tuesday for the next 52 weeks.

Will you join me?  IT’S TIME TO SAY YES TO YOUR DREAM LIFE TODAY.  Take one step. Just one. 

IF you are serious about creating network marketing success I want to help you.  It’s time to explore new technologies, techniques and ideas off the beaten path so you can rocket ahead in your business.  I challenge you to comment below, paint yourself in a corner and declare what you want 52 weeks from now.  Follow me and I’ll be happy to follow you.