9 Day: Pre-Cleanse Day 1


Today, is the first day of an exciting process that will help you regain optimum health and maintain a healthy, long term weight loss.   I’m so happy you’re here.

Let’s get started. Weigh yourself and take measurements, so you can have a starting point to track your progress. Record your numbers on your System Guide or in a journal; then put away your scale and tape measure for five days. You may also want to take a photo at the beginning of your health and weight loss journey to compare to the “new you” at different points throughout the system.

You’ll drink two IsaLean® Shakes, eat one 400 – 600 calorie meal and you can have up to two healthy snacks.

Make sure you drink the proper amount of water for you. A general rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. A person who weighs 180 pounds should drink 90 ounces of water.

Moderate exercise (20 – 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise) is recommended. Walking, bike-riding, running or swimming are great options. If you are not a regular exerciser, this may not the best time to begin—wait until you’ve finished your first 9-Day System.


When you wake up, drink 1–2 glasses of purified water. For best results, add IsaWATER™ Alkalized Concentrate.

Mix 2 scoops of IsaLean Shake with 8 oz. of purified water. Take 1 Natural Accelerator™ capsule to help jump-start your metabolism.

Pick one option from the “Sensible Snack Ideas” chart in your System Guide.

Many people eat their meal during lunch to help break up the two shakes. If you prefer, you can eat your meal for dinner. Eat a balanced meal of 400-600 calories. Protein, veggies and whole grains are great food options. Skip the butter or fatty dressings.

If you’re hungry, have a piece of fruit, 1 – 2 IsaDelight Plus, a few stalks of celery or unsalted almonds. Take one Natural Accelerator capsule with your snack or with water.

You’ll either have your second shake or your meal for the day.

Congratulations on investing in yourself and improving the quality of your health and life! If you have any questions just hit reply to the email.  I’m happy to help you!