9-Day-System: Day 6 – Shake Day


Day 6It’s day 6 and you’re probably starting to see the results that you want. Many people report pounds and inches lost, as well as an increase in energy.

If you are experiencing these changes, great job! Keep going and continue to stay the course.


If you’re not noticing more energy and healthy weight loss, let’s figure out why.

  • Have you gotten rid of all of your tempting foods? If no, then are you allowing any of these foods to tempt you away from the system?
  • Are you getting enough fiber? If constipation is an issue, Isagenix FiberPro™ is an effective solution, which you can easily incorporate into your diet. Not only does it include five types of plant fiber. IsaFlush® is another option and contains nutritious magnesium, which can help the colon relax and work more effectively.
  • Are all of the members of your support team helping you? Are any of them hurting you? Sometimes people don’t want loved ones to change out of fear. If there is a “problem person” on your support team, talk to them about really helping you succeed.
  • IsaFlush!

    Is excessive stress a barrier to changing your health? Do you eat to comfort yourself? If yes, then find another way to alleviate stress, like running, walking, reading or meditating.

  • Are you following the 9-Day System as closely as you’re able? If you’re not, then commit to following the two remaining Cleanse Days and Shake Day as closely as possible.

Your health is worth the time and effort that you are investing. If you’re doing well on the 9-Day System, GREAT! If not, then it’s never too late to change your habits and commit to greater health. You can absolutely do this!

Good luck today!

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