About April

Hi I’m April O’Leary

and I’m a wife, a mom of three girls, a life coach and author.

But more than that, I’m a woman who is a spiritual seeker and a question asker and one who deeply desires connection with God and others. I am determined to follow the path God has for me. However messy that may look.

If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to improve your life. You want to maximize the call God has for you and you want to hear the words, “In you I am well pleased.” This is mission critical. To honor God in your body and in your calling.



What If You Could Really Hear God's Voice in Just 40 Days?

If you're a spiritual seeker and you want to feel God's presence in your life, then I've got great news for you. I’ve got a free book for you called "The Ultimate Love Affair: Awaken to God's Love in Just 40 Days" that’s going to help you let go of the past and deepen your connection with God.

The Power in Personal Habits

Why you need to develop healthy habits?

Having worked with individuals since 2010 I have learned that:

  • We all share one thing in common. We want to maximize our potential. The common obstacles we all face are blocks to hearing God's will for our lives, and living in our healthiest bodies to carry out that mission.
  • With our fast-paced instant-gratification culture my charge to you is to be ALL IN for the long-haul. Making a daily effort to make a conscious contact with God and fuel your body with food that will honor your Spirit’s calling.
  • If we do this together we will be doing God’s work in the world to the best of our ability. Together, with His help and direction, we can.

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Tips to create positive radical shift.

Simple points to transform you life :

  • Admit that you are powerless without God’s help.
  • Make a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as you understand Him.
  • Inventory your present situation and accept your role in it.
  • Humbly ask God to help you, with the direction of a trusted mentor or coach, to make a plan to realign your life with God's purpose for you.
  • Commit to a daily practice of seeking God’s will for you and carrying it out to the best of your ability.