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Angry Anymore by Ani Difranco

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Angry Anymore by Ani Difranco came across my path a few months ago.  I wasn’t sure if I could use it or when, but I saved it.  Now in light of talking about negative emotions I feel it is appropriate.  Remember that it is important to allow ourselves to feel anger, sadness, hurt, pain, rejection, fear and disappointment.  It is crucial to their release.  Sitting with the emotions as they come up, letting yourself feel them, and then writing them through to release is one strategy in making sure they are not just swept under the rug, submerged or ignored, only to surface again later.  As the saying goes, “What we submerge only gets bigger.”

As a child I was very sympathetic and compassionate.  But as I got older I somehow lost that.  Maybe as a defense mechanism, maybe unknowingly, I started to make light of difficulties I experienced, made fun of others who seemed to feel so deeply, and became sarcastic and insensitive.   Eventually, I nearly lost my ability to empathize with others.  Yet at that time I thought that I was strong because I could just brush off anything.  That is until I realized all those submerged emotions were still there!  As I went through this process of looking under the rug at all those dust bunnies I had swept under there, and dealing with them one by one, my true self started to reemerge.  The real me who is sensitive, kind, caring, compassionate and empathetic, that was covered up in all that dirt, started to reemerge.  I became more understanding of others and their struggles and felt a new joy and appreciation for life.   So this song is for anyone who has felt bad and then finally came to a place of acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and release.  The song ends with these words.

But we learn like the trees
How to bend
How to sway and say

I, I think I understand
What all this fighting is for
And baby, I just want you to understand
That I’m not angry anymore
No, I’m not angry anymore


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