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Asking Questions….

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Ask Questions, Find Answers

Do you ask yourself questions?  I think most of us look for answers…but what are the questions we are seeking answers to?  How could digging deeper in answering your own questions lead to a greater understanding of your life and where you are going?

As a teacher I was trained to be great at teaching, instructing, planning and implementing lesson in a classroom.  But as a coach I learned the opposite…that to be the best I have to be great at asking questions, not giving answers.   Being present and listening are qualities that any good coach should have.  But as an adult, sometimes just having someone tell us what to do is so much easier, isn’t it?  As children we are told: what we are eating for dinner, what we are wearing to school and how long we are allowed to watch television.  There is a certain security in this.  But as we mature we cook our own meals, shop for our own clothes and watch t.v. all night if we wish.  We got to choose what college to attend, what career to pursue and define who we are today.  Yet, it is possible, maybe even probable, that after all that we may look around to find we aren’t where we hoped to be, we aren’t living a life that makes us happy and we don’t know why.  We aren’t quite sure how to go about making a change and we just want someone to tell us what to do.

This is where a Life Coach can step in and help by asking questions, not by giving answers.  Although in childhood getting told what to do is simple, it leaves us powerless over our situation.  The more we can answer our own questions the more power we have to make a change.  A few questions to consider are: What is important to you? What changes would you like to make?  What have you tried before?  What avenues have not been explored?  How could they be pursued?  And the list could continue indefinitely.  Through the process of questioning, and digging deep to find those answers, necessary changes will naturally show themselves and then you can make that powerful decision to take action!

If you are at a place right now where you could benefit from a trained life

April can help you TAKE ACTION!

coach to help you navigate your own life’s course, I would love to work with you!  I work in areas of relationships, health and wellness, career, spirituality and parenting.  I have an office in Bonita Springs, FL or can conduct phone sessions if you are not in the area.  Contact me at or (239) 777-3241 for a free 15 minute consultation.