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[POEM] As You Have Believed

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As You Have Believed
By April O’Leary

Based on the Parable of the Talents
Matthew 25:14-20

The God I knew was judging
Who would want to pray?
When a shaking finger awaited
At the end of a challenging day.

The God I knew was everywhere
No way you could escape his view
Not in the mountain tops or valleys
Or in a quiet church pew

I was afraid He would know my thoughts
So I tried to put on a good show
All the while I felt disconnected
For truly what did I know?

Decades passed of distant faith
Riding through life’s storms
If it’s to be it’s up to me
I never ask for an oar

I finally admitted I was drowning
It was then that His love broke through
I saw that I had it all wrong
A faith overhaul was due

It started with a small flicker
A choice to start again
I gingerly opened my heart and mind
And saw that God was my friend

He is more patient, kind and tender
Than I ever gave credit for
He adored me as His precious child
He had been waiting right outside the door.

He gave me space to live and grow
He saw me wander away
He knew that I was exploring the field
Like a sheep I had gone astray

But He, the Good Shephard, left the flock
Picked me up and carried me back
For I had not seen the dangers ahead
My misjudgments He did not attack

I felt His warmth and compassion
As He gently redirected my path
I was willing to be willing and follow
I was no longer afraid of His wrath

Today I see that God is with me
He is someone to love and not fear
For He is simply revealing to me
That life is just a mirror.

God gives us the ultimate freedom to choose
Our beliefs and how we perceive
And He respects our choice and will show up for us
Simply as we have believed.