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How To Be More Desirable To Your Prospects

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Blog TemplateHow to Be More Desirable to Your Prospects

Today, we’re going to talk about how to be more desirable to your prospects. You’re going to see what it takes to have people asking you for your phone number and looking for a little slice of your attention.  Sounds amazing, right?  It’s easy!

Prospecting is just like dating.  Here’s a little experience I can share with you that might help you see how this is true.

My Story of A Desperate Encounter

I have always been somewhat overly friendly and talkative.  In my younger years I always had a date and a few waiting in the wings.  My girls often say, “Mommy’s talking again.”  I find people interesting and I like to know what makes them tick.  I hate to see others excluded. I often go out of my way to start a conversation and get someone talking about themselves.  I make a point to call someone by their name.

Back when I was college, I made a point to include a guy in my elementary education class because I noticed he had no friends.  We had simple conversations and worked on a group presentation together with a few other students.  We never went out on a date or did anything outside of class.

I was surprised when he asked me for my contact info at the end of the semester before we broke for summer.  Not knowing how to say, “No,” I scribbled it down on a piece of paper and thought I’d never hear from him again.

I drove back home from Winona, MN to Mt. Prospect, IL and started my summer job. You’ll never guess WHO showed up on my door step on July 11th, the day of my 21st birthday.  Yes!  You know it was him.  I was shocked.  He had made me some homemade jam and said he remembered my birthday.  I was not interested before, and was definitely not interested then.  Frankly the whole thing was confusing.  We weren’t friends after all!

My parents had tickets for our family to go to a play in downtown Chicago that night and reservations to eat at a fancy restaurant.  He simply couldn’t get the hint.  It all turned very awkward from there.  My dad told him to get a hotel room ant that we already had plans.  He called a few times that afternoon and the next day from the hotel desperately asking, “Why can’t we get lunch?”

Finally my dad picked up the phone and told him straight.

”You weren’t invited here.  April does not want to get together with you.  Please go back to Minnesota.”  And that was the last I heard of him.

STOP Being Desperate in Your Home Business

This desperation is such a turn off that those people often remains single, maybe even for a lifetime. Yet, the person who has a date gets asked for dates by other people. They are more desirable because they already have something going for them.  When you are desperate in your home business you put off an energy that is palpable.  No one likes it and they will try to avoid you.  You take out a catalog and they will run the other way!

Let’s apply this dating common sense to your business and answer the following questions.

How can you have people coming, and asking you for parties?

What if your phone was ringing with people asking you to buy your products?

What if your customers saw how much fun you were having and just had to join your team?

That sounds amazing!  Can it really happen?  YES!  However, if you’re not making any money, if you’re not enrolling new team mates and if you’re sliding down the ladder of leadership HOW can you not project the energy of desperation?

BEING DESIRABLE = The Answer is 80% Prospecting!!

In order to stop the desperation, you have to routinely prospect. That means 80% of your time in your business should be spent doing the activities that will bring new people in to your pipeline.

Whether you choose to focus on recruiting people through Facebook by asking about their business or sharing your opportunity or whether you prefer making phone calls, following up with prospects and asking for referrals, it doesn’t matter. That is where 80% of your time should be.

Only 20% of your time will be spent on administration, team training and back office stuff.

Listen to this!  When you are desperate, you’re actually activating the downside of the law of attraction. That means that when you focus your thoughts, you’re most likely to get what you’re focusing your thoughts on, right?

When you’re desperate, you’re not focusing your thoughts on what’s required for success. Instead, you’re focusing on what will happen to you if you don’t get what you need, and then, you are attracting failure.

Be desirable.  Prospect, prospect, prospect. Deliberately spend 80% of your time making calls, reaching out, sharing your opportunity and asking for business. Then, because you have so many opportunities coming at you, you won’t worry about the people who not are interested. In fact, you’ll feel sorry for them that they missed out.  Poor babies!

And guess what?  Those who might have said no will look at how busy you are, and they’ll want to jump on board.

Be more desirable, not just by having an awesome Thirty One tote and looking great in your cute Cabi outfit, but be desirable by being successful.

HOW are you going to be successful? By spending your time prospecting! How many people will you reach out to today? Share with me and stick to it.