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How to Have The Best (and Shortest) Sales Conversation EVER

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How to Have The Best (and Shortest) Sales Conversation EVER

Preoccupied while sorting my goods by category on the Costco conveyor belt I heard a friendly voice say, “I’ve been waiting for you! I need your help.

Looking up, expecting to see someone I know, I was greeted by a friendly cashier all full of smiles. Nope. Didn’t know him.

But I was instantly won over.

What do you need?” I asked out of curiosity.

How much would you like to give to the …” His voice faded out in my head and I saw him holding up a donation slip, like you often see at grocery checkout lines.

The energy was positive. Fully of urgency and expectancy. He was not waiting for a no he was waiting for a dollar amount.

Sure thing I’d be happy to donate $5.” At that point I didn’t even know what I was giving towards. He graciously wrote a $5 on the slip of paper and initialed it and set it on top of a stack of other donation slips a few inches thick.

Wow,” I commented on his success thus far. “You’re doing great!” That’s when I looked more closely and found out it was for the Children’s Hospital.

You see, his belief in the organization and in the generosity of people was evident. He didn’t have to sell. He just had to ask.

Are you that passionate about your product and your company? What about your opportunity? Can you bring this level of energy to every conversation you have? Of course you can!

SO follow this wise salesman’s lead.

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  • Welcome someone into your presence warmly, as if you’ve been expecting them.
  • Ask for their help.
  • Get to the point right away.
  • Expect an answer in the positive. You’re just waiting to see HOW they will say yes.
  • Close the conversation quickly and then you can chit chat about whatever afterwards.

Try it. Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts on opening up a sales conversation. What have been some of your best openers?

If you got value from this feel free to share it. This is The Networking Revolution!