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The Biggest Crusher of Your Dreams

The Biggest Crusher of Your Dreams

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The Biggest Crusher of Your Dreams

[su_quote cite=”Abraham Lincoln”]

A house divided against itself cannot stand.


This year my oldest daughter Sadie is graduating from 8th grade and we had to make a decision where she would attend high school.  Many dinner discussions revolved around this topic. We made pros and cons lists. We talked to others. We spent time and energy trying to gather enough information.

,,,and we lived in the land of indecision for months.

My father in law has a saying, “Make a decision to make a decision.

We had to take that to heart. And we finally decided submitted our forms and we’re off to the races. Then, we changed our minds.

Regardless of the ‘rightness or wrongness’ of the first choice we felt better for having decided. That allowed us to pursue a course, any course, and make further observations from that vantage point.

What is the point to all this?

Indecision will crush your dreams. It saps your energy and your strength. It wastes your time, It thwarts forward momentum, in any direction, be it the right or wrong direction.


Know you can change your course later if you want.

In the world of home business I see so many who are undecided. They’re active. Nope their inactive. They are fired up from an event. You never hear from them again.

Why? Their actions will tell you they never really DECIDED to be successful.

Today I encourage you to make a decision to get on board or get out. Stop wasting your leaders time if you’re a maybe. Let her spend her time with someone who is a YES. There is no shame in being a ‘not now‘ for now.

P.S. I promise when you decide to pick ONE course of action. You will be walking lighter. You’ll be more focused and you’ll see more results.

P.S.S. Comment below if you got value and tell me what you’ve decided today.