The Ultimate Love Affair

Day 1: ...the rejection I experienced from my church at that critical, vulnerable moment in my young adult life, has kept me out of the church for over a decade...

Day 13: ...of the ten most stressful events in life, I experienced six in 2 years from an abusive relationship and restraining order to a parent dying of cancer to a pre-martial pregnancy and a cross-country move and marriage...where was God to calm the storm?

Day 22: ...I tried to cope with life with alcohol, and denial, and striving for almost a decade...and ended up in the rooms of recovery.

Day 36: was 1998, and I was in Belarus on a missions trip....I felt God...and then the fire that was unquenchable became a flicker and then was all but extinguished...

AND MUCH MORE! Daily topics include: Sobriety, Pre-Marital Sex, Church Rejection, Missions, Parenting, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Abuse, Cancer, Loss and Freedom in Faith from Catholic to Charismatic and anywhere in between!


The Networking Revolution

If, like many women, you have dreamed of having your own home business you must read this book! Whether you are looking to earn an extra $500 a month or replace your current income and create a more flexible lifestyle for you and your family look no further!

The home business industry has never been stronger. In fact, thousands of women have already started franchising-from-home and are utilizing the top-notch training, turn-key websites, corporate order fulfillment and team building opportunities to not just make money, but build friendships along the way too.

Jessica and April will show you the benefits of franchising-from-home in the network marketing and direct sales industry. They'll demystify the commonly-held myths, share up-to-date statistics and highlight fourteen powerful success stories so you can decide if this is the business you've been looking for.

Get excited and see how you can get involved in one of the the lowest-risk, highest-return ways to run a profitable business from home. In less than 24 hours you could be a home business owner!

Focus On You

Do you find it difficult to do things for you? Are you constantly putting your needs behind everyone else's only to find somehow you never have time left over for you? Do you feel frustrated, angry, resentful or just plain tired?
If so this is the course for you!

This 6 Lesson Home Study Course will help you overcome unhealthy feelings of guilt and fear which may be preventing you from taking care of yourself. It addresses specific mindsets that may be holding you back and how to refocus your attention back on to you, so that you can relieve the negative feelings you might be experiencing.

Written as a dialogue between Michael Woulas, Ph.D. Psychotherapist and April O'Leary, B.A. Life Coach, each of the 6 lessons will guide you systematically into a new way of thinking and acting where you will better be able to meet your needs and ultimately find happiness. Packed with exercises you are sure to find your way into a more peaceful life where you will find that your needs matter, too!

Ride The Wave

If losing her father to cancer at age twenty-one wasn’t enough, by twenty-nine April was married with three girls under the age of five. Normally happy and carefree, April found that she was drowning in consistent anger and frustration which was causing conflict all around her. She was able to break the cycle and is now sharing her simple journey to peace with you.

Ride the Wave will take you on a journey to:

~ Create more harmony and happiness in your relationships.
~ Enjoy life more by releasing anger, resentment and frustration.
~ Identify your ‘trigger moments’ and transform them into peace.
~ Be the calm and collected woman you have always wanted to be!

If you are ready to slow down and transform your world from the inside out,
let’s get started!

As a Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Author, April O’Leary helps women bring peace into their busy lives. She also teaches a Tele-Course called Ride the Wave and offers one-on-one coaching sessions by phone or in office. April and her husband Jim reside in Estero, FL with their three girls. For more on April visit her website at