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Build Your Business By Connecting on Facebook Authentically

Build Your Business By Connecting on Facebook Authentically

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Build Your Business By Connecting on Facebook Authentically

Over the next few days we’ll talk about best practices for connecting with people authentically on Facebook. Why is this important? I know plenty of people who have built their network marketing businesses on Facebook through friend requesting and direct messaging people and just by understanding how to use this social media platform.

I also know people who have offended, who have gotten less than stellar results, and who have alienated their warm market and totally turned off their cold market because they didn’t know how to use social media effectively.

Jessica Higdon, my friend and co-author of The Networking Revolution, has an excellent course called The Social Media Recruiting Formula, that you might like to check out called the Social Media Local Prospecting Formula. She is a genius with social media. Let’s get started.

Today’s Top Tip:

Always think first about how you would talk to someone in person and then translate that into your social media interactions.

For some reason, people have a hard time translating real life situations into the online space. If you and I ran into each other at the grocery store and you had just started your direct sales or network marketing business, what would you say to me? Would you throw up everything there is to know about your company, push your business card in my face, and give me samples even if you don’t know if I’m interested or not? That would seem ridiculous, right?

So many people do this. I literally had this experience last week with someone who was sharing their product with me on social media and was bombarding me with link after link after link, was questioning what I was currently using, and hadn’t qualified me as a candidate for their product. Eventually, I deleted the conversation. It just became annoying.

How about you? If you saw me at the grocery store, what would you say?

To get a good response you might say something like, “Hey April, how are you? So good to see you. What’s new with you these days?” Pretty simple, right? Then you would wait and listen for my response.

I might respond by saying, “I’m doing great. The kids are doing well. I’m very busy and I’m so tired and stressed out. I just can’t seem to keep everything together.” Bingo. Let’s say you’re with a nutritional company and you have solutions to help people with energy, that might be your chance to say something.

The conversation would continue from there such as, “You know, I just started working with a nutritional company that has some products that help people with energy. If you like, I can send you something by email a little later but I got to run right now. Is that okay with you?”

My response, “Sure that sounds great Linda.” Then you get out your phone and connect with me on FB and say you’ll Direct Message me later. See how simple that is?

Engaging people in simple conversation will open the door to many types of similar conversations. In this overly simplistic example you see how sharing in small bite sized pieces is smart and effective. If the opportunity had NOT come up in the conversation, make a point to connect on something else. Create a reason to stay in touch based on what they share with you.

This is how you’ll build lasting relationships that are mutually helpful and beneficial and you’ll grow your network of not just customers but friends.  Isn’t that the point?

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