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Why Building a Following Matters

Why Building a Following Matters

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Why Building a Following Matters

So you want a successful home business. That’s why you’re hanging around here I suspect.

What if I told you there is more to building a successful home business than just selling more volume of products and building a larger team than anyone else. This is huge and only meant for those who really want to maximize their potential.

We’ve been talking about marketing and telling your story and allowing people to be a part of your journey, like what I shared here. The surface reason for this to build your primary business. I’m building a networking business too and you probably didn’t even know it.

The deeper reason for marketing however, is to impact more people and open up even more opportunities.  Did you know that the most successful people on the planet have an average of 7 income streams? They do!

As you build a following (not just of people in your company who already adore you) you create a community of like-minded people who gather around to learn from you and enjoy a positive life-enriching experience. What does that mean for you? More opportunities will come your way.

According to a recent poll 82% of people say they have a book in their head they’d like to write. Do you? If yes, who would read it? YOUR COMMUNITY.

Do you enjoy public speaking? Watch as those doors open.

Are you interested in media appearance and spreading your message of… How to grow a home business, how to enjoy financial freedom, how to create lasting relationships, how to be a more conscious parent… Whatever that higher vision is for you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could open those doors for yourself? Of course it would!

When you keep your eyes too narrowly focused you miss the bigger picture. The world needs you to up the ante. Develop your vision. Money can not be the main motivator and for most women it’s not, according to Barbara Stanny. Understand how marketing will help you share your message with the world AND will help attract your tribe to you in the process.

If you got value from this post please share. Comment below and tell me what your vision is for your life.  What message is most important to you and how will you get the message out to more ears? I’d love to hear!

Cheers to Your Success!