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Business as Personal Growth

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THE SECRET TO OWNING YOUR BUSINESS (I mean just freaking dominating yourself and your business…to the point where your business is just a tool to reveal to you where you need to go…how does that sound?)

Guess what? I figured this out a number of years ago.  Everything in life has one purpose.  It’s only about personal growth.

Parenting.  Yep.  It’s just a vehicle to reveal to you where YOU need to grow.

Relationships.  Yep.  Again it’s a mirror to help you see where YOU need to grow.

Your business?? What? Seriously? YEP.  Look in the mirror my friend.  Not liking the results? It’s time to grow.  Loving the results? Still time to grow.

Want to read more about this.  I could end the post here you know…but I won’t I’ll explain a little more.


One thing I love about having a home business is I have a constant mirror to see how well I am growing as a person. You know, that is all business is, a way for us to become better as people, more effective communicators, smarter and more savvy, kinder and more generous, better listeners, and more helpful.

This is unlike having a job where you receive a paycheck each and every week just for showing up.  That doesn’t require nearly enough personal effort and of course you’re paid accordingly.

This endeavor you’ve chosen to take on, this home business thing, is not based solely on the number of hours you put in or a salary that’s been previously negotiated.

I remember my friend Lora Ulrich, who is featured in the Networking Revolution, telling me about her time working in Alaska in a government position.  Would you believe her coworkers reprimanding her for working too hard, because they said she was making them look bad! How ridiculous. They weren’t there to grow and become better as people, they were there to collect a paycheck.

We’re not here for that, right? We’re here because we want to help the world, and we want to grow as people. There is no better profession than this. Today, sit back, and look at your results. What are they revealing to you? How do you need to grow to increase your paycheck?  If you can’t see it.  Ask a trusted leader on your team for some constructive feedback.

Know that it is possible to become a better prospector. It’s possible to create warmer connections, it’s possible to become a better leader. All of this is in your control, so focus on the areas that you need to improve in your own life, and you’ll see your business begins to improve too.

It’s all just one big experiment. Put on your lab coat and start talking.  See what elements work together and analyze what explodes in your face.  Then move on and try again.

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When you use your business as a mirror for personal growth, it no longer serves any other purpose than to help you become more of who you truly are, an amazing, compassionate, kind, generous, and heart centered, person, whose goal in life is to help others.

Have a great week, and thanks for being here. If I can help you, please comment below, and be sure to check out the Hive our powerful accountability coaching group.

We’re just wrapping up our first week, and we’ve had a lot of successes already.  Thanks Melissa for making this beautiful image to share after having a great accountability call with Danielle.  

You are a gift!

Answer these questions below.

  1. What is your business most revealing to you today about your own need for personal growth?
  2. What are you going to DO about it?

Be sure to comment and tell me how you feel. I’d love to hear.