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Can You Build Your Direct Sales Business with Periscope?

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15 10 12 periscopeCan you build your direct sales business with Periscope.  I’m guessing YES.

I’ve been dabbling on Periscope lately and am loving it.  Haven’t heard of it?  It’s a live streaming app and people around the world are using it to share their lives and experiences, connect with each other and generate new business.

How To Install Periscope To Participate With Us!

Periscope is super new and you can be a pioneer if you learn how to use it for your business.  Now is the time to take action!  Go to your app store on your smart phone and search for Periscope.  Look for the icon in the image above.  Download it free and create a profile.  Find me @apriloleary_ and follow.

Here’s the deal.   My amazing friend Cherie Rodriguez and I are curious how we can utilize it to help you build your business.  She has agreed to take the first step and lead the way.  Why?  Because that is what leaders do and she is a TRUE LEADER.

Here are some questions we are testing and will report back:

  1. Can using Periscope while hosting a direct sales party, like we will be doing with Thirty-One Gifts, generate more sales?  
  2. Can we include a wider network of friends and family who simply couldn’t make it to my living room?  
  3. Does it make the party even more fun and interactive?
  4. Can it help you train your team because they can watch what you do in real time?

I’m guessing YES to all of the above!

This is an experiment and we want you to watch it.   Cherie and I will be broadcasting live twice directly from my home in Naples, FL.

Here’s the schedule-

8:15am EST- Once for set-up (so you can see behind the scenes what it takes to be a top-level direct seller)

9:15am EST – Join the party (so you can experience HOW Cherie has built her Thirty-One business in just 6 years).

Join me in my home on Wednesday via Periscope.  Chat with us.  Ask questions.  See the products.  Share the info graphics below with your team and have them tune in as well.

We’ll be posting the results of how many viewers we had LIVE and on Replay. We’ll let you know if we were able to generate additional sales due to the scope and more!

15 10 12 combo image

IF you are serious about creating network marketing success I want to help you.  It’s time to explore new technologies, techniques and ideas off the beaten path so you can rocket ahead in your business.  I challenge you to try Periscope this week.  Follow me and I’ll be happy to follow you.