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Coaching People Through Their Fears

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Most people, including me, like to feel comfortable. We have our habits. Our routines. Our schedules. Our friends. And we don’t give it too much thought. Until something goes awry. Right?

Then we’re more likely to change. But in our home businesses, it’s important to know that you can coach people to make a decision. You can help them to change for the better. Here’s one simple tip to diffuse any anxiety they may have to listening to your presentation.

Are you open to taking a peek?

If someone says NO to that. Then you say, “NEXT!” Sifting people into categories is part of your job. There are some people who are simply just closed. Not just closed to you. Closed to LIFE. Nothing to take personally. Say a prayer for them and move on.

BUT if someone is open-minded enough to take a look and they decide that your product or opportunity could help them they may hit another road block called RISK.

What if I sign up and the products don’t work?
What if I try the business and I fail?
What if my friends laugh at me?
What if …….

Our mind can spin on and on tales to prevent us from taking the RISK.

Here’s the real key to the equation. According to Tim Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Work Week, “Risk is the probability of a potentially negative, irreversible outcome.”

Are we dealing with this type of decision? Jumping from a plane with no parachute. That’s too risky for me. Spending money on a solution that could help me? Yeah. Not too big of a risk, is it?

Watch this video to see how you can improve your coaching skills to help build your network of customers and business partners. If you got value please comment and share.