Colliding Galaxies

Go For It!

How often do you follow your intuition?  Get a hunch to do something and then do it?  Just because.  Well, this morning I did just that.  After pouring my first cup of coffee, something told me to turn on the Today Show.  That may seem weird, but I normally don’t watch it at all.  So I complied with that inner voice and sat down to turn it on.  Within the first 3 minutes the news segment with Natalie Morales started.  Now, this may also seem weird, but if you know me, you know I don’t watch the news.   I have found it to be too negative and energy sucking, and I figure that if the world is ending I’ll find out about it, but if not, then I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, making the world a better place in my sphere of influence.  To get back to the point, at the end of her segment they put up this picture which I have displayed here in this post.  It is the most recent picture NASA has, and it is of two galaxies, over 400 million light years away, colliding.  To me it was a message, a reminder of our power and that the universe is on our side.  I felt inside me, tears welling up.  What lengths God will go through to give us a bit of encouragement!

What you must know about, to explain, is that I have a number of things going right now.  I am in the middle of creating a 6 lesson audio course including a workbook with Dr. Woulas, a psychotherapist and author, called Focus On You (which will be finished soon!).  It covers many important aspects of self-care and will help many women learn how to start putting themselves back on the priority list!  BUT on top of that last night, before I went to bed, I submitted the first manuscript of the first book I have ever written to a very well respected publisher.  AND that alone is a serendipitous story for another day.  But to continue, I have been pregnant with this idea for a book (called Stop Reacting and Start Living), and since the kids were out of town with the grandparents for the past week, it was finally time to birth it.  Sitting for hours on end at my laptop, I wrote it in less than one week.  I will give you more details about the publication as it develops.

I am not hinging my dreams on this coming through, because I know if it doesn’t there is something else waiting around the corner for me.  But if it does, that is great too.  I am just excited and happy.  The approach I take to life is this, “This is just one of many pitches I have pitched to the universe.  It is not the ONLY pitch.  I don’t know if the universe will hit it back.  But I do know that it will not decide the final score of my game.”  This picture was a loving confirmation that all is well in the world, and each day we take baby steps in the direction of our dreams, each day we do what we know to do, and each day that we act with courage, the universe will certainly be on our side.  Showing us a big exclamation point!

For more info on the Colliding Galaxies Click Here to watch a 45 second video.