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April O'Leary, Professional Business Coach

You run a business from home and you have a lot of responsibilities too.  You are a visionary.  You are entrepreneurial. You are smart and ambitious and sometimes get discouraged when things don’t happen as quickly as you hope they would.

I get it because I am just like you.  Let me help you target your actions to produce maximum results in the time you have allotted to work your business.  Whether you need help with creating more effective systems to make your business run like clock-work, or you want to connect with other business women who are making their way to the top of their company there is something here for you.

See the library of resources below which are available on demand.  You don’t need to show up at a certain time or rearrange your schedule.  The minute you purchase, you’ll receive what you need in your inbox.

Have a question?  Email me at  I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.  Keep buzzing!

hangouts-on-airBuild Your Business with Google Hangouts On Air

In this one-hour video class you’ll learn how to create live video events for your team, build up content for your business that is searchable by Google and systemize your training of new recruits using Google Hangouts On Air. This free tool is available for you to use as much and as often as you like IF you know WHY and HOW to use it. Join us for this exclusive training..  Read more==>


Email Automation Webinar

During this hour-long video class you’ll learn how to create a system of emails that will follow-up for you with prospects, new recruits and customers.  No more letting people slip through the cracks.  From content development to implementation you’ll be well on your way to building your team.  Read more==>>


Systemize Your Events and Increase Your Sales

During this one-hour class hosted with Cherie Rodriguez, NED with Thirty One, you’ll learn how to collect your hostesses RSVP’s online using a simple form and links that you create for them to share.  Build your database of customers and hostesses and increase attendance at all of your events.  Increase your sales and team too!  Read more==>>


Build Your Business With Branded Images-7

 Build Your Business with Branded Images

Now is the time to learn how to create and share inspiring, interesting and branded images to help you build your business. In this one-hour class you’ll learn how to create custom images that make your products pop, where and when to post them and how to use Facebook analytics.  Read more ==>


Build Your Business Internationally Using Twitter

During this 45-minute class you’ll learn how to set-up a credible Twitter profile, write a proper tweet, do advanced searching to find real prospects in any country in the world (including the US). At the end of this training you’ll have an effective system to connect with others, offer your opportunity and follow-up systematically.  Read more==>>


Out of the Box Recruiting Ideas

 Out of the Box Recruiting Ideas

Sure it’s easy to say make more phone calls or send more emails.   “It’s a numbers game.” Right? Wrong!  In order to project the right energy into every conversation you have to be thinking clearly.  In just one-hour you can uncover some of the mental roadblocks that may be stalling your recruiting success.  Enough said.  Just ==>Add to Cart


CPWS square imageConscious Parenting Webinar Series

This self-guided 8-week video series will lead you step-by-step chapter-by-chapter through Dr. Shefali’s NY Times Best Selling book, The Conscious Parent.  If you want to learn more about how to connect with your child and bring more peace and communication into your home this is for you.  Join us today on this transformative journey or sign up below to get a free sample mini-course. Hosted at UofMoms. Read more==>>


conscious parent 4 week course square imageConscious Parent Course

This 4-week self-guided study includes The Conscious Parent Workbook, written by April O’Leary and used to teach live and virtual classes, which is approved by Namaste Publishing. This course is a great follow-up to the Conscious Parenting Webinar Series and provides many written exercises to guide you even further through Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s book The Conscious Parent.  Hosted at UofMoms. Read more==>>


self care for mom square imageSelf-Care for Moms 101

Being a mom doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your needs for everyone else.  In fact, it’s healthier if you don’t!  In this 4-week audio course with actionable workbook you’ll learn four simple mindset shifts and a bunch of practical techniques to put yourself back on the priority list! Hosted at UofMoms.   Read more==>>

STOP Reacting 101 square imageSTOP Reacting 101

We all know that stress can lead to yelling and frustration.  In this 5-week audio course you’ll learn how to manage your emotions more peacefully and be in control when speaking with your spouse and children.  You’ll learn how to diffuse conflict and create peace in just 90 seconds using the acronym S.T.O.P!  Hosted at UofMoms. Read more==>>


April's Books

Books to Inspire You

Since 2010 April O’Leary has been immersed in the world of online business building and personal and professional coaching.  She is the author of 2 books and has appeared on national radio shows to discuss the importance of work-life balance.  Read more==>>