Self-Care for Moms 101


Being a mom doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your needs for everyone else.  In fact, it’s healthier if you don’t!  In this 4-week audio course with actionable workbook you’ll learn four simple mindset shifts and a bunch of practical techniques to put yourself back on the priority list!

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Yay! You’re a mom! Now what? What’s next is lots of laundry, lots of dinners, add in a job, house chores, kids activities and volunteering and no time for you. As far as we’ve come in the 21st century where moms can seemingly ‘have it all’ many of us get off track because we ARE trying to DO IT ALL without taking care of ourselves.


We feel like a good mom should set aside her needs for everyone else. Or maybe we still care about our needs but can’t seem to get the time because they always come last. Well it’s no wonder moms are often frustrated, tired, angry, stressed-out and resentful. I was. Maybe you are too?

It’s Time to Make Time for YOU.

In Self-Care for Moms 101 you’ll get the inside information on how to put your needs back on the priority list guilt-free. You’ll dig into the mind-sets that are probably preventing you from taking care of yourself. You’ll learn how to balance life in a way that makes you happy…and then everyone else will be happy too!

  • LESSON 1:  Take Care of You, First! — You’ll take the W.O.C.A.S. Self-Assessment to see how well you currently take care of yourself and identify areas that might need more attention.  You’ll then create an action plan to start putting yourself back on the priority list guilt-free!
  • LESSON 2: Boundary Setting — You’ll learn about the 4 types of boundaries and create a structured plan to start setting boundaries that will make your life healthier and happier. You’ll begin to find more peace and calm and you’ll be able to balance both your needs and the needs of your children too.
  • LESSON 3: Letting Go of People Pleasing — You’ll learn more about people pleasing and how it may be plaguing your life. You’ll learn how to set realistic expectations of children at varying ages and stages and you’ll be introduced to the bill of assertive rights and how you can use it effectively in your own day to day interactions.
  • LESSON 4: What is Reasonable — You’ll learn the ‘reasonable’ strategy to help you further down the path to self-care and you’ll do the 10/10/10 Exercise. Finally you’ll learn some ‘back pocket’ self-care answers and actions you can take that are simple and strategic.

By the end of this course you will be a master in self-care. Much of the rushing, frustration and anger you may have been feeling will have subsided…and you’ll be able to breathe easier and be happier each and every day. Let’s get started!

Download the course and listen to in your car, on your phone or computer and follow along with the Self-Care for Moms 101 Workbook.

You’re worth it!


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