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Create Your 2016 Business Break Through!

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It’s Time to Plan for a Business Break Through!

Do you want to accomplish more in one month than many people do in an entire year?  Then this is the class for you.  Tap into the power of vision, planning, writing and more.  Activate your subconscious mind to be your partner in accomplishing your goals.

It all began when I decided to sit down for one-hour in December 2011 and chart out my plan with my friend Julie Zeff. I created a vision. I wrote it down quarter by quarter.  I reviewed 2011 and sketched out 2012.  Then I stuck that piece of paper in a drawer and totally forgot about it.

Photo Dec 19, 10 01 15 AMLater in 2012 I found that piece of paper in a desk drawer and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I had written two books, founded the University of Moms and was planning my first conference.  I accomplished more in that year than I had up to that point in my business.  That’s the honest truth and I’ve used this same strategy ever since.

In fact last December 2014 I created a plan to write a book on the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry and it will be out January 19th, 2016!

Activate Your Subconscious Mind

Did you know that less than 5% of people actually write down their goals?  It’s true.  Knowing the POWER that is present when you take the time to plan you’d think at least 50% of people would do it.  NOW is your chance.  Now it’s time to plan to write your vision down and commit to a plan to make it happen in 2016.

This one-hour class is all about you and a pen and a piece of paper.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  This is a slow and reflective time where you’ll dig deep, dream big and most importantly WRITE IT DOWN.

Planning your next quarter.  Writing down your vision for the next year.  One hour of quite, strategic, guided planning time could change your life. Activate your inner business diva and create your dream business plan and then watch it unfold right before your very eyes. REGISTER NOW!

Vision Webinar 2016

Comment below and let me know you’ve registered.  If you like this, please share it and comment below. I would love to help you anytime you are free to email me.

Have a great day!