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Digging For Gold

Gold medal in memory of John Stacpoole
Image by Globist via Flickr


Yes, there are times when the gold medal only goes to the winner. But not in the race of life, where the winners are those who are superior not to others but to their former selves. ~Robert Cooper     

I recently heard a story of a man who owned a gold mine.  For years he dug, and nothing.  Finally, fed up with the digging,  he sold the mine.  Later that week the buyer of that very mine hit gold!  I cannot verify whether this is true or not, but isn’t it a great analogy for life?  Digging within to find your own gold.     

As a cross country runner I know what it is like to run in the dirt!  Literally, running in the dirt, and figuratively, feeling frustrated as I trained day after day and then race after race gotten the same results.  My goal lingered in the distance while my shoes crossed the finish line short of reaching it.  My how frustrating that was!   But the training would continue.  My coach would shout words of encouragement, “Dig within.”  “Dig deeper.”  I would have to trust him, and the program of training that was laid out ahead of me.  Although I felt exhausted and overworked, I would still show up to practice.  I would dig deeper.  Finally, one race day morning it would happen.  I would feel great, knowing I had completed the training and…GOLD!  I hit my time.        

As a seeker of inner peace and happiness I found the same experience while training my inner self.  At times when I dig within I only find dirt.  Maybe I uncover a poor attitude I have carried with me about myself or others, maybe I find guilt over an experience, sadness over the loss of a loved one, fear of rejection, or feelings of unworthiness.  Or maybe I just don’t see how things can turn out the way I hope.  But I keep digging.  I show up for ‘practice’ each morning at 5:30.  I write in my journal, make changes in my life, read inspiring books, and attend groups or classes that interest me.  Still, my ‘goal’ doesn’t seem to get any closer or easier to reach.  These times are frustrating as well.   But this is when it is important to trust the process.  My inner coach tells me, “Don’t give up now.  Dig deeper.  Keep digging.”   Then all of a sudden…I am writing and the answers seem to flow right through me.  I feel inspired and motivated.  The perfect book falls into my hands.   The right person comes across my path to give me much-needed advice.  Peace and happiness are mine.  And I realize I have hit GOLD!     

Let me encourage you today to keep digging.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, start a business, improve your marriage, or be a better parent, keep digging.  Maybe you are in the process of self-discovery and are digging up more dirt than you care to see.  It’s ok.  It’s part of the training program.  Who could appreciate gold if theyhit it the first day they put their shovel into the earth?  But my how precious it is when it is worked for!  Keep showing up to practice, doing what needs to be done to reach your goal.  Trust the process and stick with your program.  Don’t sell your gold mine now, tomorrow you may find gold.  And as sure as the sun rises, tomorrow, next week or next year, you will!  It is the process of life.  Your gold is hidden inside waiting for you to dig it up.  Keep digging!    

  • Simple Steps:
    Create a plan for yourself.  Define your goal and then create an action plan that forces you to do something uncomfortable 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes a day for the next 90 days.  The key is, the action you are taking has to make you uncomfortable.  Challenge yourself.  You may not hit gold on day 1, or day 18 or day 29.  Stick with it.  And by day 90 you will be amazed at the pile of gold sitting right in front of you. 
     Simple Steps compliments of Life Coach Universe: