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How to Dramatically Increase Your Ratio of Success

How to Dramatically Increase Your Ratio of Success

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How to Dramatically Increase Your Ratio of Success

[su_quote cite=”Jim Rohn”]

If you do something often enough, a ratio will appear.


I love math (in fact I studied math in college) and statistics always fascinated me. Which is why I love this quote.  Because I know, statistically, it’s true.

If you and I went bowling tonight it’s likely that we might each get a strike and a few spares. Yet the woman who plays professionally would likely get 8 or 9 frames of strikes and spares.

What’s the difference between you and me…and HER? She practiced enough to increase her ratio of success and now her results are fairly predictable.

This is great news for her because her ratio of strikes is high and she’s paid the price for those results.

The same is true for building your network marketing business.

How many times have you helped someone get their business started and they quit in a matter of months. “This doesn’t work,” they say.

Of course it doesn’t. It would be like me quitting bowling after showing up for a few games with friends and declaring that I would never be as good as Sally Striker.

So today’s message is short and sweet. If you want to build a bigger team.


Practice more often talking to more people. Start tracking your results and you’ll KNOW what your current ratio is.

Maybe for every 20 people you talk to, 3 become customers and 1 wants to talk about the business. Great. That’s a place to start  Then if you know you want to build a team of 20 business builders you need to talk to 400 people (20 x 20) simple math.

THE BIG WIN- Once you see your ratio, you’ll also see it start to get better. Now after 400 conversations you might see that every 20 people you talk to 4 become customers and 2 want to hear more about the business. Awesome, right?

Start looking at your business from a mathematical perspective and tracking our activity with your results and calculate your ratio. Then all you have to do is put in the work to get what you want.