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The Easiest Way to Ensure Your Child’s Success

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What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher? A doctor? …NO! You can’t be an entrepreneur. You need to pick something with reliable income.” Lisa DeMayo, 7-figure earner inside my network marketing company told the story of her daughter’s teacher in response to her picking ‘entrepreneur’ for her career choice.

Seems that schools are not keeping up with the times. We have kids with YouTube channels who are getting book deals. Up and coming tech companies being started from an idea and a computer and yes slews of young people who are taking the route of entrepreneurship through the vehicle of network marketing.

Look at Start Your Life. This movement of young entrepreneurs ages 18-35 are all creating freedom using what they know how to use best. Social media, their laptop and their cell phone. They are working in the global virtual franchise industry and securing their financial future with a start up fee of less than $1000.

Is this weird? Or is this reality? I’d say to those naysayers who haven’t taken a look, you are absolutely missing out. Parents who used to be gone from sun up to sun down are now working together from home. Nannies who use to be in carline are now being replaced with parents who are there, picking their kids up from school.

So a word of caution. Don’t allow your school to squash your child’s dream of success. Don’t allow a school to put their ideas inside a corporate box. Let them explore their gifts and talents. Help them understand that the biggest risk is not taking a risk on yourself. The biggest risk is playing small. Staying quiet. Doing what is expected.

Teach them how to grab hold of their own future. How to not let other’s opinions dictate their paychecks. How? You might ask. DO IT YOURSELF FIRST! Lead by example.

Are you selling yourself short? Stop it! Dream big again. Don’t fall for the biggest lie. Say yes to you!

Yes, it will be scary. Yes, you will have to develop in ways you never thought when you were in your salaried position collecting your predictable paycheck. Yes, there will be times you think you missed the boat. And then YES, there will be times when you say, “Yes I can go on that fieldtrip with you Sadie,” and YES “I can take that extra vacation because I have the TIME and the MONEY to do it.

Saying YES is so powerful. Say YES to you. Then your child will know they can say YES to their dreams too. Lead by example and grow as big as your dreams will allow you to dream.