Email Automation Webinar

Did you know that statistically it takes 7 touches for someone to become a customer.  7 TOUCHES!

How often do we follow-up once and then if there’s no response drop them off the list?  Maybe if we’re really committed we’ll follow-up twice or three times.  But then we assume they’re not interested to book a party, buy a product or join our team.

Holy cats we are no only missing out on a ton of business but we’re missing out on offering our great opportunity to connect women with a great business opportunity.  Let’s do better than that.

The key to successful follow-up is systematic communication and organization.  Right?  But that can be difficult when you’re managing a lot of different conversations with large volumes of people all at different stages in their decision-making process.

Here’s a short taste of what you’ll learn.

Enter Email Automation.

During this hour-long webinar I will teach you how to create a system of emails that will follow-up for you with prospects, new recruits and customers.  From content development to implementation you’ll be well on your way to team-building.

I don’t mean those stupid template emails the company sends for you automatically.  If you have ever seen the open or click-through rates for those, they’re dismal.  Sure they’re great for building brand awareness but that’s not YOU.

Let’s be more personal than that.  Let’s take charge of our business, let our personality shine and do it with a human touch.  Then watch as your business grows because you’re not stopping the follow-up at the second try, you’re making it all the way to touch #7 and…

BOOM new recruit.  BOOM a new customer.  BOOM a new party.  BOOM you’re promoted to the next level of leadership.

Convinced?  You need to be. This is a MUST ATTEND WEBINAR and will probably be the best money you spend on yourself and your business this year.

During the hour video I’ll show you exactly:

* How you can automate your communication and save hours a month in email correspondence

* How to create lists of your prospects (even those who have said ‘no’), customers and new recruits and keep them in the loop

* How to create content that is systematic and yet personalized to meet the needs for ongoing communication that you do not need to manage once it is set-up

* How to allow systems to work for you with a human touch…that’s you

* How to do all of this using a free system to manage these communications

* BONUS: I’ll share the number one way to get interaction and build your team through automated emails

This hour-long webinar is packed with practical and helpful information.  If you don’t get at least one good idea I’ll fully refund your money.


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