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TO Enroll or BE Enrolled? Week 1 Lessons

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01 Blog ImageThis is the first Tuesday post of the #52weeks challenge.

Over the last 5 years I have grown a successful life and business coaching practice, written 2 books, put on 2 conferences and met a lot of amazing people.  I love nothing more than to see people succeed and to have, in some small way, had a part in helping them.

Now it’s time to expand and up the ante.  I have seen the downsides to poor health, extra weight and mental exhaustion.  It’s sad when someone with great potential isn’t able to fulfill their God-given destiny because they don’t have optimal health, they don’t have extra money and they don’t have a network of supportive people to help them.

Moving forward for the next 52 weeks, I am committed to help more people than ever before get their health back so they can do what they were put on this earth to do and I have chosen to partner with a network marketing company to help me accomplish this mission.

Maybe that’s what you’re doing.  Maybe you’re hoping to help more people.  Maybe you’d like to get out of your J.O.B. or maybe you want to take an extra vacation.  Maybe you want to pay off debt, put extra money into a retirement or college fund or get on your own two feet so you can leave a toxic relationship.  Whatever the reason you decide to start a network marketing business, it can be a great vehicle to help you accomplish your goals.

To move forward in anything you have to accurately assess where you are starting.  There is no business I know of that grows overnight.  Any home-based business opportunity is going to take time, energy, effort and commitment to grow.  It is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

I can remember starting my coaching practice back in 2010 and calling David Essel, my mentor at the time, saying ‘Where are all the clients?” and he reassuringly told me that any business takes a minimum 3-5 years to get established.  I can tell you now that it is true.  You have to stay in action and keep improving your skills.  You have to connect with others and soon enough people will start to recognize you for the professional you are.

It just won’t happen on Day One.  That’s ok.  Keep going.

final snipHaving not heard the 3-5 year scenario it was a hard conversation for me then.  I wanted to save the world.  My heart was much bigger than my business savvy and I naively thought that putting up a website and showing up at networking groups would somehow magically make me a successful coach.  It took so much more!  I will tell you about it in my upcoming book with Jessica Higdon (photo left- due out Dec 2015).

Not only did I lack technical business skills I was also still learning to fly as a coach.  I was doing what we call in this industry “earning as I was learning.”  I started out charging $35/session and I was happy when I had one regular client paying me $20 cash per hour.  Wow!  I would call David regularly and fill him in on the details of a session and ask him, “Where do I go from here?”  I would often get stuck!

Five years later I am still coaching and charging a lot more now that I have the confidence and experience my job requires.  This is how it is in any business.  You have to put in the time learning the skills it takes to be successful before you will get paid for that activity.  Get a mentor.  Take an online course.  Order a book, like Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount (it’s great…just came out last week).

Ask for help.  Copy what other successful people in your company are doing.  Don’t recreate the wheel!

01 blog image michal clouseThis is something I was very fortunate to have top Network Marketing Trainer Michael Clouse share with me on the phone recently.  He said (paraphrasing an hour-long conversation down to two paragraphs),

“Creatives (like me) want to make up their own way because they know they can do it better.  And maybe they can.  But the systems works.  Trust the system.  Use the tools.  Trust the results others have gotten.  Lynn Hagedorn (also a top Network Marketing Trainer) and I joined our company within a month of each other.  She hit the phones and called people non-stop sharing the solutions our company has to offer and she built a million dollar business in a short period of time.  I, however, studied the compensation plan, I created training materials, I got ready to make calls, for six months, and in that amount of time she had already blown me away!  It’s up to you to choose your own path.”

I’ve chosen to put in the time to learn this business and incorporate it into my coaching practice so I can help more people accomplish their goals and live out their destiny.

The key is to focus on the income generating activities which include calling and reaching out to others.  Will you do that this week?  That is the ONLY way your business will grow!  Always remember that you are either ENROLLING OTHERS in YOUR VISION or you are BEING ENROLLED in someone else’s.  Which will you choose?

This week I encourage you to set specific and measurable goals for your business.  

  1. How many calls, texts, email messages, Facebook messages will you make?  Remember to add them onto a follow-up list.
  2. How many new people do you expect to enroll?
  3. How much income would you like to create over the next 30 days?

Comment below and share your weekly commitment here with everyone.  This is how you can be a part of our #52weeks challenge.  Get real. Get vulnerable. Put it out there.  Stop waiting for the perfect time in your life and start creating the results you want.

Will you join me?  IT’S TIME TO SAY YES TO YOUR DREAM LIFE TODAY.  Take one step. Just one. 

IF you are serious about creating network marketing success you are in the right place! I challenge you to comment below, get honest, get vulnerable and declare what you want 52 weeks from now.