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How To Find Your Best Business Idea Today!

How To Find Your Best Business Idea Today!

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How To Find Your Best Business Idea Today!As a home business owner, I often find the benefits of home business ownership, like flexible scheduling and no commute, to be a huge benefit. The downside for many of us is that it’s often hard to get away.

When you especially love what you do, giving the proper time and attention to others in the household or keeping up with domestic tasks can be challenging.

Have you caught yourself saying, “I’ll be there in a sec!  I have one last email to send, one last call to make, one last text to send, one more Facebook message to post…” and so on and so on.

The reality is there has to be a time for rest and taking a break can actually increase your creativity and productivity too!  Here are three ways, that I find helpful, to rejuvenate not just my soul, but also my business.

1. Exercise.

Get outside or to a gym and burn off some calories.  You choose to go with or without headphones, with or without a friend.  Exercise it the simplest way to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

Join an exercise class. Do something new or different. Just this year, I not only tried cross-fit, but I also joined a boxing gym. I find that the mental stimulation get from thinking about the upper cut, jab, jab, cross, is just as challenging as copying code for my website. Maybe even more so. Challenge yourself to get physical in a way you haven’t gotten physical before will help you come back to your business with a renewed sense of focus.

2. Read magazines outside of your trade.

My uncle happens to be a genius. I’m talking MENSA level smarts.  He has over 50 patents and he says sometimes his best ideas come from flipping through People magazine.

It’s when you allow your brain to cross-associate that you often find ideas in places that you wouldn’t have normally found them because you’re not looking for them. Go ahead and grab that Real Simple magazine or People off of a shelf when you’re checking out at the grocery and give yourself some time to unwind and browse and you may find some new marketing ideas that help you take your business to the next level.

3. Sit.

Is this a contradiction? Not at all.  Sitting is a practice that has been taught for thousands of years. Think about the challenge.  Just sit there and do nothing.  Does that suggestion make you nervous?

Watch your thoughts, see what they say, without judgment. Don’t expect anything magical from sitting, but know that it is beneficial beyond comprehension. Give yourself the time to unwind and be. When you allow yourself to connect with your inner voice, you will often find inspiration that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

If these three tips helped you, please comment below. I would love to hear from you and see how you like to unwind and get new ideas for your business too.

Have a great day!