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Five Thoughts You Must Give Up To Have Home Business Success + Free Journal Download

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Blog imageYesterday we asked the question “What is your home business asking from you this year?”  Today I want to suggest a few mindset shifts that could be the key you need to reach your next level of success.

When I was a young SAHM I was stressed and slowly slipped into a pattern of yelling and frustration trying to control the uncontrollable.  I write about how I got out of it in my first book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.  Growing a business can be a lot like parenting.  It’s time consuming and can bring out the best (and worst) in all of us.

For most of us there are routine patterns of thinking that infect our interactions with people in our business and in our personal relationships.  One is not separate from the other.  We can often see the patterns when they are triggered but it’s not likely that we can identify the root and this is what I want to help you do right now.

I will cover them in short version here and if you’d like a longer narrative I encourage you to purchase the book.  You can download the companion journal here free to work through if you’d like.

Here are five thoughts you must give up in order to run a successful home business.

  1. It’s selfish to consider my own needs first.This mindset alone can halt your ability to sell your products and recruit new team mates. If you are overly focused on everyone else you will have a hard time asking for business.  It is totally realistic for you to have a sales goal in mind and sell to meet your needs when you have quality products and you want to help people.  Money is just an exchange for value so if someone gets value from you it’s totally reasonable that they compensate you accordingly for your products and your time.
  2. It’s my fault if others aren’t happy.You are not responsible for the feelings of others. No song or dance you can do will make unhappy people happy in the long run.  This is also true that no one can make you unhappy either.  I encourage you to focus on what you can control (yourself) and let go of what you can’t (others).  If your home business is causing conflict in your home as yourself if the amount of time and money you are spending on it is reasonable.  If yes, then carry on!
  3. I must say “YES” when people ask me for my time.No is a very powerful word. If you can get comfortable with it, you can free yourself from a lot of unnecessary commitments and headaches.  If you are leading a team, saying NO to complaining, excuses and drains on your time can be empowering.  Don’t allow people to suck you dry.  Invest your time and money where want and allow others to feel however they choose (see #2 for more on that!).
  4. I’m usually right and sometimes have a hard time listening to or accepting others opinions.Softening this mindset will help you get along with so many people you might otherwise have overlooked or clashed with in your business. Maybe you can think of someone right now who this applies to?  Trust me, I used to be the queen of black and white thinking and had a very hard time listening to others.  Using words like, “That’s something to consider,” “Tell me more about that idea,” and “I’m not sure I understand,” can go a long way with building relationships that are connected and productive.  Be a listener.  Let go of “My way or the highway” type thinking and you’ll have a stronger team and be a more respected and trusted leader.
  5. I wish things were different than they are right now.This mindset causes so many great home business women to quit before they see their success. Why?  They are thinking they should be further than they currently are.  Here’s the secret….you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Trust the process, keep working and know that each day you are making progress, learning new things and becoming the person you need to be to support your next level of success.

When I started seeing, years ago, that in order to be at peace with myself I had to accept 100% responsibility for my own actions, thoughts and attitudes and that I was NOT responsible for others I was able to smile more and stress less.

Now being a home business owner I can see these lessons I learned as a young SAHM have served me well and both my personal and home business life run more smoothly.

If you got value from this post “Five Thoughts You Must Give Up To Succeed In Your Home Business” please comment below and share.  Let’s make 2016 a year of personal transformation and allow our home businesses to lead the way.