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Focus On Helping Others. Period.

Focus On Helping Others. Period.

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Focus On Helping Others. Period.

The past two days we’ve talked about Connecting Authentically on Facebook and How to Avoid the Two Biggest Mistakes on Social Media. Today we’re going to wrap up our conversation on social media with a principal that has served me well in my business for many year.

Focus on Helping Others. Period.

Too often the focus of sales is on ‘selling someone’. We are trying to improve the art of the close, or upsell someone into a new product or get them on an auto-ship plan.  That is absolutely not the point.

The best way to build your business is by focusing exclusively on how you can help them get what they say they want. This is the power of building your network.

I just spoke with someone last week who happens to be in the movie industry. They’re putting together funding for documentaries. I know somebody else who right now has a screenplay and might benefit from knowing them and getting funding for their film. This has absolutely nothing to do with my business but by connecting two people, I am establishing more credibility in my industry by helping others.

I didn’t even bring up my product or opportunity in this conversation because when you begin to connect with people, especially dream clients, you want to sow enough seeds to build up the friendship and credibility so that you can eventually share and it will be received well. This require patience and persistence and organization but when you do this, you’ll find you get much better response and results in the long run.

When you interact with people the energy you bring to the conversation will best serve you if it’s other’s focused. When you are talking you are not learning. You’re only sharing what you know.  When you listen you have the chance to gain new insights, understand the other and then think about what would logically help them right now.

Getting to know people and creating new friendships brings new opportunities to connect people who need to help each other. Human beings are the point. What are they interested in? What goals do they have? How can you help them?

Today use these three tips to help you build your business on social media and comment below. Let me know how this has helped you and please share with your team. I look forward to connecting with you and be sure to check out the Hive where we offer daily action goals, weekly goal setting, and monthly webinars to help you build your direct sales and network marketing business.

Have a great day!