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The Gift of Clarity and How I Got Sober

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Today’s blog veers a little bit off the beaten path of home business ownership. I’ve been pretty transparent about my own sobriety journey thus far and I plan to continue to take you on this journey with me.

I’m coming up on one year in a few weeks (March 18th to be exact) and I still feel so grateful for a brief moment of clarity which brought me to the honest truth about the path I was heading.

Honesty is the key.

We can all wear our masks. We can all pretend life is great. And maybe it is for you. I applaude you for making great choices and reaping the rewards of them. For many, life is not that smooth. Maybe you?

In today’s video I share honestly and openly about the gift of clarity and how you can use it to not just get sober, but to radically transform your life and business in any area.

This GIFT should be respected. If you find yourself in a moment of clarity where you’re asking yourself the hard questions like, “Is this a problem? What else could I do to make this area of my life better? Why am I continually circling this same mountain?” then you, my friend, are opening a gift that could mean the difference between future success or repeating failure. In fact, it could mean the difference between choosing life or choosing a path that will ultimately lead to your death.

This is serious stuff. I don’t promise you EASY around here. I do promise you TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY to the best of my ability. You choose what you do with it.

The TRUTH is you can have a successful business and your life can suck. Then what does it matter? Let’s work together on both and I promise if you’re willing to be HONEST and put in the WORK you can have a life and business you’ve always dreamed of.

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Watch the video now and please comment below and share with your friends. They may need to hear this message more than you know!