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Grow Your Business by Connecting People

Grow Your Business by Connecting People

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Grow Your Business by Connecting PeopleHow to be a connector.

I love the book the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. If you haven’t read it before, I highly recommend you purchase it on Amazon. In it, Malcom talks about the reason some facts or some things tip into fashion and others of a similar quality die by the wayside. It is because, in his estimation, there are certain people who play crucial roles in spreading a message and helping it gain popularity. One of these people is who he labels connectors.

Today I want to share the importance of connecting people and how you can skyrocket your business by deliberately becoming a connector.

number_1_pinkConnectors look to meet new people all the time. Connectors are interested in people just for the sake of knowing who they are. Connectors are curious about the world. They like to see what makes someone tick. They are curious about their past and like to know what is going on with them now.

Even for newer connections people they might meet out at a mall, in a coffee shop, or at a car dealership. These people are naturally chatty and outgoing. If you aren’t naturally chatty and outgoing you can start practicing. Ask yourself in situations where you are around strangers what would a chatty person do in this situation, how would they interact and then pretend to be that person. It is part of playing the role. Once you are comfortable, it will come naturally.

2pinkConnectors make a point to see connections. This might sound super simple and very logical but many people have large networks but don’t see connections. How can somebody else benefit from knowing someone in your network?

Just this week I wrote an article for Ntwrkr magazine. Christopher Hussey and I hit it off and I thought he must meet Jason Dolle my friend, who owns Testimonial Tree. I also connected Mary Jane, founder of Fiitfu with Lexi McCarthy, owner of Makeup Eraser.  Those are two examples that come to mind just from the past day or so.

I felt their energies were very similar and that there could be something of interest to talk about between the two of them. It is not my job to figure out what that is, but I connected both by email and they are all excited to chat this week.  Of course when you make connections please inquire from both sides first to make sure that introductions are welcome.

number_3_pink_TConnectors benefit in their business because they make connections. I can tell you that the number of times I’ve connected people is probably in the hundreds. It is because I keep track of what people are doing, I ask a lot of questions and I am always thinking about who needs to meet who.

People start to look at you for as a resource. You become the go-to person when someone needs to meet somebody new. Imagine the power this brings to your personal business and into your network. When you are a connector, people trust you and look at you as an authority. You better believe that will have an impact when you ask for business.

Make a point today to become a connector, do the things connectors would do and watch as your business will hit the tipping point into skyrocketing ahead because you are doing things that others are not doing. You are chatting up new people so you never have a lack of reach. You are constantly thinking of who needs to meet who and you are becoming an authority in your network.

If this helped you, please comment below and share it on Facebook. Have a great day!