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What is My Home Business Asking of Me This Year?

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Blog ImageStarting over again. What is your home business asking of you this year?

I tried to write the typical “New Year” blog for you, Five Ways to Crush Your Home Business in 2016!, but just couldn’t find anything interesting to write about that hasn’t been featured on hundreds of other blogs.


We all know that in order to make this year better than last we need to create new habits.  We do this by creating new plans of action which come from changing our beliefs about ourselves.  Do something different.

Who gives a shit about that typical advice?  That’s what I want to know.  It’s overly simplistic yet so complex most people can’t possibly start to do it.


Let’s face it.  In less than 30 days most of us will have forgotten our “New Year Resolutions” to make more money, lose some weight, be a more patient mom, and we’ll be back to our normal routines and we’ll be complacently getting our normal results.  Come Dec. 2016 we’ll be wondering where the year went, why we’re not in a different place than we were last year at this time, and how we can do it differently in 2017.

I’ll be honest with you. I’m tired.

Tired of reading (and writing) the same old motivational shitake we’ve all come to expect on New Year’s Day.  If it worked, we’d all be living the lives of our dreams.


So this is where I want to suggest you take an entirely new approach to your life and your business this year.  Realize that anything you do (including building a home business) is ONLY a vehicle to help you awaken to your highest self.  You choose the vehicle and life will give you opportunities to face your fears, to let go of your ego and be someone different (…or not).

When you choose to loosen your focus from building a consumer network and sponsoring new associates, to hone in on your opportunity to transform yourself through your home business, you are entering the realm of Conscious Entrepreneurship.

This is the ONE THING you must ask yourself if you are to make any forward progress in your home business this year.


Yes, you.  You need to grow up and your business is showing you who you need to become in order to have what you want to have.  Allow this process to reveal your true inner power.  When you catch a glimpse of it, you’ll know nothing can stop you!

You see the actions you take, like phone calls and meetings and parties and recruiting, are simply a part of the game you are in to test your skills.  Shhh…now you know the pressure is gone.  Someone says “NO” to your business opportunity.  You can detach enough to see that it’s not about you at all.  Next.

It’s all just one huge life experiment.  And you are the Einstein of your life testing and analyzing results, asking the big picture questions and trying again.

Your current results are the compass showing you where you are now.  That’s it.  You like what you see?  Keep going.  You want a new landscape?  Change directions.  Start with who you need to become in order to have the business success you so desire.  This one shift in thinking will show you where YOU need to grow to draw those desired results to you.


Conscious Entrepreneurship calls you to let go of your ego which is, at the core, what is stalling your success.  Yes a fear of rejection.  That’s just ego.  Thinking it’s about you.  Ego again.  Wishing things were different than they are?  Yep.  Ego.

This week we’ll look at the many ways our ego infects our business and how we can detect it and let go of it.  For now, be thankful.

You have, in the form of a home business, the opportunity to not just make money, or help others grow their businesses.  You have the opportunity to face yourself.  This is the year for you to utilize your business for a higher purpose.  To evolve yourself into a more kind, more compassionate, more fruitful and more confident human being.


The money will come.  The dream team will emerge.  The awards and promotions and recognition will follow.  Only as you let go of your ego can you BE the person who can DO the business and HAVE the lifestyle.

Remember this.  BEING comes first then DOING then HAVING.

If you got value from this post “What is My Home Business Asking of Me” please comment below and share.  Let’s make 2016 a year of personal transformation and allow our home businesses to lead the way.