Systemize Your Events and Increase Your Sales (aka Hostess Training)

Y’all Ready For This?

Infusionsoft Product Image size 340x340 v3It’s time to give all your hostesses a seamless, professional and systematic party experience.  Help them track their party promotion efforts, collect their party RSVP’s online and text or email prospective party-goers using simple copy/paste text and links that you create for them.

Booking a party with you was never so easy!  Listen in as Cherie Rodriguez, National Executive Director with Thirty One and April O’Leary, Business Coach and Author talk about how to have an even more successful event, every time.

During this One-Hour Video training you’ll learn how to:

-Utilize the free tools available through Google to create a simple online RSVP form your hostess can share through email or text message

Collect the contact info for all attendees who register for each of your parties using this online RSVP form and share the list with the hostess which included their email and phone number before the event

Track the activity of the hostess online so you know if they are promoting the party and you can step in and help them if they are having a hard time.

Build a simple system of templates to follow so that each party booking can run seamlessly every time with a very little effort on your part.

ALSO we’ll do a little housekeeping between the ears to that you can get a pulse on your business and create purposeful actions to support the passion you have for your business.

Listen to what Beth Smith, Senior Director with Thirty One, said about this training,
As a leader in Direct Sales I often hear “I can’t get any bookings.” April O’Leary solves that problem with her systematic hostess communication and training. April also shows you how to increase event participation and sales by giving you insight as to whether your hostess is actually doing her part on inviting guests! This system is truly integral when working towards a successful party!

This very important training will help your business to run like clockwork every time you book a party and help you to stay on top of all the various stages of communication each hostess goes through when they book a party with you.  No more will you or your hostess waste time tracking down emails and phone numbers.  No more wondering if you sent that reminder or need to make a phone call.  This Hostess Training will help you execute a successful event every time.

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