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How Can I Stay Extremely Focused in My Home Business?

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Blog TemplateGreat question!  How can you stay extremely focused in your home business?  I really don’t know.  But keep reading and maybe we’ll figure this out together.  This is the problem for most of us who are creative and entrepreneurial.

This morning I hit reply to Anthony Iannarino’s Sunday Newsletter (subscribe here) like I do on most Sundays.  His Sales Blog is award-winning and he is someone’s advice I follow closely.  Here’s what he said…

From Anthony…Here is the thing. The difference between your results in 2015 and 2016 is going to boil down to one question: “What new actions are you going to take this year?” 

 The reason so many people start the year with a resolution that they have made year after year is because they haven’t taken the actions necessary to produce a new result. If this is you, your problem isn’t knowledge; you know what you need to do. Your problem is a lack of action. It’s apathy…

 You can have anything you want in 2016, as long as you want it bad enough to pay the price in full in advance. What is required isn’t more knowledge, more planning, more learning, or more preparation. These are all the ways we avoid what we know we need to do.

 What is required is your action.

  • What is it that you aren’t doing that is necessary for you to produce the results you want in 2016?

MY RESPONSE TO ANTHONY- I need to be more consistent in my daily action.  The honest truth is I’m great with big projects (like a book) but often feel like I’m unfocused in many other ways.  It’s like I”m waiting for that one big thing to take off and let me know I am on the right track and meanwhile I’m plodding along trying a shit-ton of things.  Does that make sense?  Just being honest here.  So what am I not doing?  I am not consistently doing any one thing and I think this year I need that one thing to be blogging everyday.  But the back of my mind says is it worth your time and will it work and do you have enough to say?  Etc….you know the monkey mind.​

  • What are the three actions you need to take every day to ensure you reach your goals this year?

MY RESPONSE CONTINUED- Ok three actions…blog each day and promote through social networks, email my newsletter list each day (sharing blog) and ​keep on top of my finances.  I’m not sure that alone will do it.  My biggest goal is to build up my coaching membership The Hive (which I closed in Oct to finish the book and now I am going to relaunch with the release of the book).  ​If you have a second would you take a look at the sales page?​  I haven’t promoted it yet and know it needs work.  If you think it sucks please be honest.  I’m open to it!

So herein lies the challenge for me, and maybe for you too.  There are so many things you COULD do, but what MUST I do to produce results?  What are the three things you need to commit to DOING everyday this next year and will those three things get you closer to your goal?  These actions need to be specific and measurable.  How are you going to shut up the voice in your head that is telling you it won’t work or you’re not good enough?

Remember what can be measured and tracked can be improved.  And we’re all aiming for improvement.  Not perfection.  Just better today than I was yesterday.

These are challenges we all face.  I remember best-selling author Chris Brogan saying to me that one time he was back stage waiting to give a keynote speech and as he listened to the announcer read his bio he thought, “Who is he talking about?”  So that is another topic for another day.  Realize for now, that you are good enough and when you take action day after day the universe will conspire to help you.


Please do yourself a favor and surround yourself with people who are much smarter than you and who are going to hold you accountable to your actions.  This is one reason I created The Hive (which will be relaunching Jan 19th the day of the book release) an online coaching community to help you stay on track every week…focused on doing the work that means the most to you.

Comment below and tell me what three things you are committing to doing this year, every day.  Don’t do it for me.  Do it for you.

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