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How to Release Unexpressed Feelings

As I was doing a bit of research for my monthly article for the Neapolitan Family Magazine I came across this wonderful article on releasing unexpressed feelings.  Not dealing with feelings is so common, and perceived to be an ‘easier’ route…”Hey, if I just ignore it, it will go away, right?”….WRONG!

Have you ever tried to hold a beach ball under the water when you were swimming?  Did it work?  With a lot of effort you might be able to balance your body weight on top of it for a while, but eventually it will pop up.  That is a great analogy for emotions as well.  Try as you might, but unresolved emotions that you are trying to hide (whether consciously or unconsciously) will keep popping up.  But what can be done about this precarious situation?

Deal with them!  Let them go!  This is a lot of the work that happens in life coaching with me, is finding that one thing that is holding you back and then tackling it and miraculously everything else improves too.  So here I have copied the article for you to read.  Of course this is not the only way to release submerged emotions, but it is a good start if you want to work at home.  If you find you need to talk to someone, schedule a session or two with me!  I’d love to work with you Click Here to send me a message.

Without further ado here is: Release Unexpressed Feelings which lives online Here.  Check out their site, called Travel Soul Therapy, it’s really great!

How to Release Unexpressed Feelings

Practice to release unexpressed feelings is important to regain your energy back from an invisible leakage.

Any feeling that associated with someone in your life that hasn’t been expressed or let go off continues to draw energy from you even when it is not present in immediate focus of your awareness. As long as there is energetic attachment to someone, it means that there are lingering feelings that keep sapping your vital energy resulting in decreased enjoyment of life.

When the feelings are disowned and pushed under, they become projected onto others and the world at large. Very often this state falsely considered as normal coping with personal problems.

The feelings could range from profound adoration to burning anguish of vengefulness. Even though these feeling seem to be directed toward someone, you are the one who carries a burden of their effect, very often catalyzed by external, even unrelated triggers.

Practice To Safely Release Unexpressed Feelings

1.  Find a place and dedicated time when you could be free from distraction or interference. Prepare a pen and a notepad or a loose stack of paper to write on. Arrange a safe method for burning paper. If it’s to be done indoors, you may use a metal bowl, sink or a fireplace, beware of proper ventilation.

2.  Set the intention for releasing unexpressed feelings for the benefit of all concerned.

3.  Set a brief time limit (no more than 10 minutes) and prepare to write everything that comes up. It doesn’t have to be linear and congruent. This is a completely private matter. Key to remember that you are not going to write anything to be read later.

4.  The purpose is to bring to the surface and express anything that blocks the experience of freedom, anything that created an energetic fracture in the wholeness of who you are.

energy prisoner graphic

5.  Bring into the focus a situation, a person or pattern of behavior toward which you feel unexpressed emotional charge.

6.  With faith in the nature of the process, allow any belief, thought and feeling associated with the issue re-emerge.

7.  Set intention not to censor anything.

8.  Begin to write down anything that appears in your emotions down on the pages without concern of sequence, neatness, politeness or accuracy. Just write down everything in the free-form writing, let it all be expressed.

9.  Keeping the timing is important to prevent drifting into thinking and analyzing. It is crucial to stay with energy to achieve deep release of unexpressed feelings. When the time is up, crumple all the pages without reading anything that you wrote. It is extremely important to avoid absorbing the expunged energy back in through reading what came out.

10.  As soon as possible separate yourself from expressed energy by burning all crumpled up pages in cleansing fire ritual. You may experience light-headedness for a moment, therefore sit down and quietly center and ground yourself.

To release unexpressed feelings you allow yourself to own and re-experiencing them in your consciousness by not directing them onto anybody but safely let them pass through.

In this method of releasing unexpressed feelings, use of free-form writing is used as external anchor, energetic alchemy to transform feelings into material substance symbolically removed from subtle consciousness and “placed” outside.

As a result of releasing unexpressed feelings, integration of consciousness occurs and at that moment could be experienced as a state of oneness