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How to Avoid The Two Biggest Social Media Mistakes

How to Avoid The Two Biggest Social Media Mistakes

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How to Avoid The Two Biggest Social Media Mistakes

You’ve got a killer profile picture. You have a header that showcases your fun and inspirational lifestyle, now what?  No one is interested…hmm…you’re wondering what you did wrong? Today I’ll share two ways you can modify your profile and your conversations to get an overall better response.

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  • First, do not have your company name all over your profile.  Many people will avoid interacting with you based on their previous experience with your company or with direct selling in general. Sure you love your company but let people LOVE YOU FIRST.

Then once you’ve made a new friend the conversation will come up at some point. And you will make a point that it does come up.  Here’s how. Open up the conversation like a normal person. Then start asking them questions about what occupies their time. Someone who you would want to work with will naturally ask you similar questions.  If they don’t, my opinion is, move on.

  • Second, do not send a link to anything in the first message you send to someone. When you send a link in the first message, to me, that’s the equivalent of showing up on a first date and taking your shirt off. That’s super weird, right?

Exposing everything without qualifying the person first is gross and offensive. I say this comically but it really is true. Don’t leave yourself out there for people to openly accept or reject. Keep your cards close. Be classy. See if someone’s interested before you’re willing to show them anything. Ask them a few questions. Know what you have is valuable and you don’t need to just share it with everybody. Only those who seem interested and are willing to respond back positively.


If you can do your best to avoid these two mistakes and act in a way that is more attractive you’ll find that people will naturally be curious about what you’re doing and even if they don’t become a customer or join your business you’ll have built enough rapport to ask for a referral.  That can be a huge win also!

If you got value from today’s post please spread the love and share. Comment below and I’d love to connect with you!