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Five Ways to Be More Resourceful In Your Home Business

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five ways to be more resourceful in your home businessHow to Be More Resourceful In Your Home Business

Just this morning my daughter Molly had an idea for a DIY project.  The only problem was, she didn’t have the items she needed to do it.  Upset that I wouldn’t just go out and buy what she needed, my advice to her was to, “Be resourceful.  Look at what you already have here and come up with a DIY that will fit.”

Sure I could have run out to Walgreens and bought her the frame and magazine she was asking for, but I would have robbed her of a valuable lesson.  Resourcefulness is a skill that is necessary to get ahead in life.

This got me thinking about ways I’ve had to be resourceful over the last five years in my home business and I’m smiling now seeing how that has helped me grow my coaching and consulting business.  If I wasn’t resourceful I might not be here writing this post to you now…it can mean the difference between closing your doors to your dream or not.

Here are some simple ways you can be more resourceful in your home business this week.

Use What You Already Have FIRST.

Don’t start from scratch or run to the store as your first option. Reuse things.  Repurpose content.  Recycle ideas from others.  Look for what has already worked and do that.

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at a country club.  Just before leaving the house my business partner texted, asking me to bring a sign in sheet.  So I googled “Sign in Sheet” and in 30 seconds I had one printed and was out the door.

Google Everything!

I have taught myself how to edit videos on iMovie, use advanced featured on Publisher and code things on my website just from a simple google search. There are videos on most anything you’d want to know.  So look there first.

Go to Low Cost Websites to Help You Grow Your Business.

Here are a few of my go-to favorites. I think I’ll do another post to share in more detail.  For now this will do.– For voice transcription.  Cost $1/minute and you can download the app to your phone.– For hiring virtual assistants and other freelancer work. People from around the world are waiting to help you!– Tons of low-cost ‘gigs’ you can buy for $5 including logos, video intros and more.– Create your own digital images to download PDF or jpg.
Google Drive– Create documents and share folders with your team.
Google Forms– Create a form to collect info from new customers, teammates and more.– File sharing that is similar to Google Drive (I use both)– Create trackable links to see who is clicking through to your website.

Build Relationships with Others who Are Smarter Than You!

This is probably the BEST advice I can give you. Surround yourself with others who are smarter than you and will speak truth into your life.  Accept their advice.  Hire a coach to work with you and you’ll speed up your learning curve by leaps and bounds.

Know The Value of Spending Your Time vs. Your Money.

Being resourceful doesn’t mean that you are looking for everything to be free or low-cost. Being resourceful means you understand that your time is the most valuable thing you have!  If you can use your money strategically to invest in coaching, taking an online course or being part of a business membership group- Do it!

If you can use your money to delegate tasks like bookkeeping, data entry, reports and house cleaning to free up your time- Do it!  This is being resourceful too.  Over the years I’ve taken countless courses, hired coaches and created strategic mastermind groups to help me grow personally and professionally.  I highly encourage you to do the same.

Being resourceful means that you look at what you have and you figure out how to work with it.  Being resourceful means you enlist your creativity, often instead of your pocketbook, to make something happen, AND you know when you use your pocketbook to save you time.

Resourcefulness separates the winners from the losers in life. Resourcefulness is king when you are running a home business.  What ways have you been resourceful in your business and what do you plan to do this week to be more strategic with your time and money?