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How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. ~NealBlog Templatee Donald Walsch

Today we’re exploring the topic of how to break out of your comfort zone and how to let go of fear.

It’s Friday, the end of the first business week of the New Year.  Let me ask you a few questions.  Feel free to comment below.

How are you doing right now, one week into the new year?

Are you meeting your goals? Have you set your goals? Have you written them down?

Are you excited about the progress you’ve made this week?

Are you challenging yourself to try new things?  

Or are you still disorganized, haphazardly completing tasks and hoping you’ll hit the jackpot and find that diamond in the rough to help you build your team soon?


Just yesterday, I went to a networking lunch run by my friend Melissa Rocchio called Woamtec. One thing that stuck out to me that she said is, “Fear and getting outside of your comfort zone are two different things. You have to be able to distinguish that.”

Don’t let the idea of just getting outside of your comfort zone stop you from doing something because you’re assessing it as fear.  Often when we’re not doing something it is because it is so huge we can’t see it for what it is…a lot of small steps that will equate to much larger outcome.

Break it down.  A client and I sat down yesterday and charted out her business plan for 2016.  She is a creative spirit and has a lot of ideas.  When we charted out a six-week cycle of business we were able to see what needed to be done and then she can tweak as she goes.

This made the much larger business dream seem doable TODAY.  You dream is created each day that you work towards it.  One step at a time.  One customer at a time. One team-mate at a time. Nothing magical about that.  You simply need a strategic daily plan of action.


What is it that you’re avoiding right now and can you put it into the category of, “This is outside of my comfort zone and I’m willing to try it,” instead of, “I’m afraid of this and I’m not going to do it.” Truly, fears are so limiting that most of us don’t realize how much more we could accomplish if we simply said, “Yes, that makes me uncomfortable, but I’m not afraid.”

One thing that I’ll share, that I have been afraid of in the past in my business, is truly staying on top of my finances. I knew I was always bringing in more money than I was spending.  I was consistent with reinvesting in myself and in my business. I knew that I had extra left over, but I didn’t know how much exactly. I didn’t have written down financial goals.  Sounds crazy, right?!


So this week I sat down and charted out exactly what I want to make this year and exactly what I need to do to make it happen.  I made it quantifiable. This, although outside of my comfort zone, has given me a lot of excitement, because now I can see how it will happen. I know what actions I need to take each and every day to make those numbers work and the FEAR of the unknown is gone.

Once the fear is gone, confidence arrives on the scene.  I am even more targeted now in my actions than I was before.  Why? I understand exactly what needs to be done.

What is it that you are avoiding? What is that one thing that you need to do to make your business more successful and will you push yourself outside of your comfort zone to make it happen?


Here is the magic formula.  Write down what you need to do and then quantify it as attainable results tied to specific action steps.  Make a plan.

Please, comment below and let me know what you’re going to do today to get yourself more jazzed about having your home business and more excited to be working towards a concrete goal.

Have a great day.