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How To Confidently Trust Your Success is Coming

How To Confidently Trust Your Success is Coming

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How To Confidently Trust Your Success is Coming

I have a frame on my wall in my office that says, “No great thing is created instantly.” I love thinking about the lessons nature teaches us.  Today we’re going to spend a little time in the garden and see that there is no such thing as instant success.

Picture right now that I am handing you an envelope of tomato seeds and I promise you they are the juiciest, most delicious tomatoes you’ll ever eat. Then you excitedly go plant them and tomorrow tell me I was lying. That the seeds were fake and you had no tomatoes. That would be ridiculous, right?

If you study anyone who has achieved any level of success, you’ll find that they have weathered many many storms and they simply did not quit. Watch The Katy Perry Movie (my favorite movie of all time) and you’ll see her rise to success was laced with years of failures.

What about you? Are you stuck because you are believing that something great can be created instantly? If you are, you’re probably feeling discouraged more often than now. People who think running a home business should be easier often are the ones who quit. Please, I beg you, do yourself a favor and let go of that belief. Then working hard becomes so much easier because you’ll understand that the effort you put in is worth it in the long run and you can trust that your work will be rewarded.

You’ll have confident faith that even though you are calling and prospecting and inviting and sharing and no sales are coming in, that those seeds you’re planting will germinate and they will come back to you with the harvest. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but if you stick with it, they will come back.

THE SECRET REVEALED: When you KEEP PLANTING NEW SEEDS by offering your product or opportunity to new people, GROWING your relationships over time (both your customer base and your professional contacts) AND CONSISTENTLY WEEDING out what isn’t working you know your harvest is just around the corner!

In the meantime, keep doing what you know you need to do. Focus on income generating activities every day. Sales is a numbers game. If I talk to 10 people this week and you talk to 100, guess who is going to have more success more quickly? Hmmm…..

Also, one last tip. You have to know how to create great relationships. Be interested in other people. Ask lots of questions. Be someone who is trusted and likable. Put yourself out there and ask for referrals.

Remember, no great thing is created instantly. If you’re doing what you know to do each and every day, trust the process and know that if success has been possible for others, which you know it has, it will be possible for you too.

If you’re not seeing the success that you need to see, maybe it’s time to improve your skills. Always take responsibility for that piece.

I hope this was helpful and if you got value, please comment and make sure you subscribe.

Have a great day!