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Human Nature and Why Deadlines Work

Human Nature and Why Deadlines Work

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Human Nature and Why Deadlines Work

Trained as a Life Coach back in 2009 I learned the difference between Human Nature and Human Success. Here’s a simple definition:

Human Nature is the state where we are wanting the most out of life with the least amount of effort.

This is why ‘diet pills’ and ‘8 minute ab routines’ and ‘buy and sell houses with no cash down’ marketing schemes work. They all play to the human nature part of us.  It’s not a bad thing we have it (that’s why it’s nature) it’s just that we won’t get very far is we consistently rely on it.

Human Success however, Is a state where we know without a doubt that we will only get out of life the measure of the effort we put in. Any great athlete understand and appreciates the amount of time, effort, money and sacrifice they must endure in order to be the best.

Most of us would prefer to be the best and NOT have to put in the sacrifice if we were honest with ourselves.

This is why DEADLINES work!

Creating a deadline (even if it is self-imposed) plays to the human nature side of our psyche (think ‘you only have to work this hard for so long and then you’ll get what you want‘) while also forcing us to activate the human success action plan.

Likely your company has created deadlines with incentives, leadership bonuses, and other time-sensitive programs to keep you motivated as you build your business. SO this week I am under a deadline to meet a certain goal in my company and I am going to be 100% focused on making it happen.

I hope you are working your hardest to get what you want too.  I’m cheering for your success!  If you got value please share.

P.S. Comment below and tell me about a time when you had a deadline and you made it! I’d love to be inspired by your story.