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Hurricane Proof Your Business

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Hurricane Proof Your Business

As I write this to you from Naples, Florida, a few days before Hurricane Irma is scheduled to hit the coast of Florida, and I am thinking about how to hurricane-proof your business.

Natural disasters come when we least expect it but we can be informed and prepared too. We have taken precautions, stocked up on food and water and have a safe place to stay while it blows through.

There are always things in your control that can help you weather storms of life more smoothly and one way you can avert financial disasters that can occur simultaneously with natural disasters is to hurricane proof your business.

What does that mean? Buy shutters? A generator? Nope! Even easier.

I’m here to tell you that I’ve found a hurricane proof business and I’ve been quietly working it under the radar for the past 2 years.

When I initially opened my life coaching business in 2010 my income was limited by the number of hours I could meet with clients and that was limited by the fact that I still have three daughters who I am also a full-time mom to as well.

So I made up for the different and wrote books to leverage my time and reach more people. I created some online courses and then launched some mom’s conferences. Those were steps in the right direction but I never found a reoccurring revenue stream. I could sell a product and then would have to hunt for my next customer.

Do you ever feel that way? You love what you do, but if you’re not there doing it you can’t make money? So you always have one eye out on the horizon looking for your next opportunity? It’s not about a bright shiny object. It’s about leveraging your time. Making a bigger impact. Helping more people. Yeah. Me too!

In 2015 I expanded my business and brought in a virtual franchise alongside my coaching practice to service the health needs of my clients and today my customer base has grown tremendously and is dispersed throughout this country and I’ve created a residual income in the process. Plus I am currently expanding it into 13 other countries literally for an overhead of $49 annually plus $200 a month. That’s crazy, right? Nope. That’s reality. P.S. I pay more than that a year just for my webinar subscription.

So tonight driving the streets of southwest Florida I got to thinking that I don’t share this business opportunity enough. So many businesses have closed for the storm. Windows are boarded up. Shutters secured. No income. Expenses still flying out the door. Restaurants are losing food. Realtors have closed their open houses. Doctors’ offices are shut.

Whether this storm blasts through Naples or Miami or goes back out to the Atlantic, my business will still be running, my overhead will not change and I will still get paid on Monday. I write this to inform you of what is possible. I view my job as an educator (and actually I have a degree in Education so that’s not far off from the truth). In life, we don’t know what we don’t know. And sometimes what we don’t understand we unconsciously hate and we hold ourselves back from what could be our next big opportunity.

Maybe you have a brick and mortar business or you provide a service that is solely dependent on your time to close a sale. That’s awesome. We need you! We love you! That’s for sure!  And what if you didn’t have to change anything and you could also have another type of business that you built in the pockets of your time. Online.

And it could absolutely open the doors to working with people outside of your local area who you have wanted to partner with for years but just never found a way to do it?

And it could help people in ways you might not currently be helping people right now.

Maybe you have family and friends abroad and you want to work alongside of them too? Build something significant together? Make money together? Different countries. Same business. Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I have friends from Mexico and Colombia and France and the U.K. and Malaysia and Canada and I can help them build a business with their friends and family who are still living back home. Nothing. Absolutely nothing…makes me happier than helping families work together.

You can do this. I know because I can work remotely from anywhere, as long as I have a computer and internet connection. Training is remote too. And included with your franchise account.

It’s amazing what can happen when you truly open your mind to the concept of virtual franchising. Marrying the industry of eCommerce with our global health crisis and addressing both.  I have chosen a company and a product line that I feel suits me. It’s not the only game in town. There are many out there. You do your research and choose what feels right to you.

It’s time to hurricane proof your business and create another income stream for yourself or your family, that cannot be taken out by a natural disaster, I highly encourage you to look at the industry of network marketing and the opportunities it offers.

Yes, I have a hurricane-proof business. I don’t need to board up the windows. I don’t need to pay employees who aren’t working. I don’t have a rental space, or inventory and I don’t have anything that can be damaged. You see, my customers are everywhere. They’re going to wake up tomorrow morning with their shipments and I’ll wake up with more revenue in my bank account. That is a hurricane-proof business.