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How to Immediately Increase Interest in Your Business

How to Immediately Increase Interest in Your Business

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How to Immediately Increase Interest in Your Business

If you’re like most, you often struggle with finding interesting and interested people to talk to about your business. This probably accounts for the lack of success a majority of people have who have given a little bit of effort and finally decided to quit.

Am I right?

How can you NEVER struggle with this again? Here are my two suggestions.

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  • Improve Your Social Media Skills – I highly recommend Jessica’s Social Media Prospecting Formula. She’ll teach you not only what to say to engage people in a conversation that is to the point and friendly, she’ll also teach you how to find and connect with your ideal client. Click here to check it out. Everyone should take this course!
  • Improve Your Mindset – I’ve been working hard connecting with a lot of people behind the scenes and I’m blown away by how open people are to taking a peek at what I’m doing. Do you find that to be true? To increase interest you first have to increase your energy.

If you’re finding a lot of people are creating resistance to you then I bet it’s the energy you are putting out there may be closed or negative. This is just honest talk. Check out this video I made for you.

Let me ask you a few questions to see if you’re closed, in general, and then you might have some insight and be able to do something about it.

T or F When someone from another company offers to share some information with you about their products or invites you to a party, you ignore or avoid it. You can’t mingle with the competitors. Sheesh.

T or F You keep your customers close and don’t recommend other products to them. After all you worked hard to gain their business and you want to keep them!

T or F You don’t share your ‘business secrets’ with others. You have a few trick in the bag that are going to help you get ahead of everyone else. No telling!

If you answered TRUE to any of the above. Watch out! That energy is bleeding back into your business.

See the world as a vast and abundant source of prosperity. There are more people than any one of us could handle and more than enough for all of us to be more successful than you could ever dream possible.

Meditate on that thought. Create an open and generous attitude to sharing information, customers and ideas. Be a resource to connect others. And you’ll find the universe will start providing back a hundred fold. Watch out! Your cup is going to be overflowing soon.

Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend.

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