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When Inconsistency is Good

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But forget all that—
it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.
Isaiah 43: 18-19

Wow. It’s been a week since I’ve last blogged! Thank you to those of you who reached out to see if I was okay or to say, “Bueller….Bueller…where is your blog?!” It’s nice to know you enjoy them and miss them.

And it’s easy to make the excuse that I’ve been busy. I have. The kids had their last week of school, Amy had a 5th grade graduation and there were half days thrown in, and end of the year parties. But none of those happen at 5am, when I usually blog. So what gives?

As I’ve been digging and asking myself WHY I haven’t been blogging and I’m starting to realize that inconsistency can actually be a good thing.

I’ve always been an ‘all in’ or an ‘all out’ person. This has served me well in a lot of instances but it does create a lot of highs and lows and a lot of drastic swings of the pendulum from one side to the other. And fortunately, I’m learning to moderate that a bit more.

However, historically I have beat myself up about this characteristic, labelling it ‘inconsistent,’ and putting those who are ‘consistent’ on a pedestal, always trying to be more like them. What I’m starting to realize is that seasons change, energy shifts and letting go can be a good thing.

So did I just forget to blog? Did I forget my commitment to you, my readers? Why does God say, “Forget it!” What is He talking about?

It seems that the idea of forgetting often has to do with the age-old advice of letting go of the ‘bad stuff’. Right? Forgive and forget. Stop dwelling on it. Get over it.

But forgetting can also be about forgetting the ‘good stuff’ too. In Isaiah, we see God telling the Israelites to “Forget all that…” and in context, we see a few verses before that He is reminding them of how He delivered them from the Egyptians by parting the Red Sea. That must have been quite a day! That’s one to talk about for years to come!

“Forget it,” God says. “I’m doing a new thing.”

I believe inconsistency is not a matter of a lack of self-discipline. I think it’s understanding when to keep repeating the same actions, like prayer or exercise, as a daily practice and when to let go of an action when the energy has dispersed and a new thing is being created.

This is where I’m at right now. Deciphering where to best use my time and energy.

Has my daily blogging season passed? Or was it just a busy week and I will get back on it again? Am I striving to keep up a practice that served its purpose, producing a book and a spiritual renewal, or is the daily writing a spiritual practice that I need to continue?

These are the questions we each need to ask regularly about our own time and attention.

God may be saying to me, “Forget it.” That season served its purpose. That time I now need for new things. And that is okay. Life is a lot about letting go and forgetting.

Sometimes we have to let go of friendships after the season has passed.

Sometimes we have to let go of activities after the season has passed.

Sometimes we have to let go of jobs, roles, dreams, goals and ideas….fill in the blank….once the season has passed.

That is not inconsistent. That is wise. Slow down and get in tune with the seasons in your life. Ask God to show you if you are holding on to something after the harvest season is over expecting more fruits when you’re actually standing out in the cold in the dead of winter and didn’t realize it.

Yes, the season that just passed may have been miraculous in many ways. The Red Sea parted in your life and now you’re back in the wilderness. It’s ok. Don’t walk back to the edge of the Red Sea and ask God to part it again like He did last time. If He did, you’d be walking the opposite direction back through to Egypt.

Interesting thought, right?

Keep pressing forward. Expect new, different miracles to happen. Stop being disciplined in an area where the energy has dissipated for the sake of consistency. Start to ask for discernment for when you need to forget it and move on.

All this being said, my goal is to blog a few times a week from this point forward. I can’t say I’ll commit to a daily practice anymore. That energy has left and the book is soon to be released and I am expecting new miracles as I travel again into the wilderness of uncertainty.

May God bless you and keep you in His perfect peace. Love you as always!


P.S. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the balance between being consistent and forgetting what lies behind. Do you agree?