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Is Network Marketing a Scam?

“Oh are you in one of those pyramid things? Those are a scam.”

I’m sure at one time in your life you’ve been in a conversation like that.

14 7 21 Is network marketing a scamHaving to defend your business is no fun and there are plenty of stories out there of disenchanted people who blame their failure or loss of money on getting involved with network marketing.

Networking marketing is nothing more than a business and just like any business it’s success or failure depends on one thing, you. Statistically 80% of all businesses that open are closed in 5 years. I don’t say that to discourage you, but to help you understand that running ANY business, whether it’s a pizzeria, a beauty salon, a car wash or a preschool is not going to be easy. But does that mean it’s a scam?

When you are considering opening a business with a network marketing company there are things you must know so that you don’t find yourself in the land of disenchantment too. These 4 ideas can help you stay on track, maintain motivation and find the success both personally and professionally that you may be hoping for.

1)  Manage your expectations– Don’t go into any business thinking that you’re going to get rich quick. There are no short-cuts in life. Want to lose weight? Then you’ll have to exercise more and eat less. It’s not a quick answer, and on average healthy weight loss is only about 2 lbs. a week, but if you keep at it, it will happen. Success in your business is the same. Progress can seem slow and hard to recognize but it will happened if you are willing to commit to a plan and then work that plan every day.

2) Don’t quit your day job-One mistake I’ve heard over and over again are the pains of people who have jumped into this business model full force without being prepared financially for the time it would take to grow it. Let’s be smarter than that. Keep your primary source of income and work your network marketing business around it. Once you have matched your primary income successfully and consistently for 6 months you can consider making the full-time leap.  Look at network marketing as a long-term project not quick income.

3) Keep track of your time- Figure out what activities related to your business produce the biggest return on your investment of time. Do you sell the most when you book parties? Then make phone calls to book more parties. Do you recruit more team members when you follow-up one-on-one after a party? Then make those phone calls too. Pretty simple.

4) Have fun- When you’re choosing anything in life one thing to consider is what I call “The Fun-Factor.”  How is this business going to make your life better and more fun? Will you meet new people you wouldn’t have otherwise met? Yes! Will you push yourself to grow? Yes! Will you make some money too? Yes!

So the answer to the question, “Is network marketing a scam?” is obviously no. It’s a business and just like any other business you have to know what to expect. Don’t expect to get rich quick. Don’t expect it to be easy. Don’t expect that you’ll be a millionaire in a year. But DO know that with the right goals, over time, with consistent effort and accountability you will more than likely surprise yourself at how well you will do.

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