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Just For Today I Will…

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This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

I’ve been thinking lately about how much I don’t know and how much I don’t control. It’s quite fascinating really. I mean think of it, today you could meet someone who could absolutely change your life. Today you could have an idea that helps millions of people. Today you could offer a stranger a hug and a smile, who then decides not to end his life and to give it just one more day.

Just one more day…

That is the theme of what is on my mind and heart this morning. Time takes time. Seasons can’t be rushed. No amount of shouting at seeds planted in the ground will make them grow faster. Focusing your time and effort on the God-only-knows questions like “When will this happen…why did that happen…” is fruitless. Go get a magic 8-ball and try that instead.

So here is what I’m hoping will be a poem to encourage you to stay focused on today and trust that God has a plan. Remain in excitement and anticipation to see what it is and while you’re waiting…smile.

Just for Today I Will…

Just for today I will rise and thank You that my eyes have opened and my heart is beating.

Just for today I will take comfort in the reality that I don’t have to walk through this life alone.

Just for today I will smile at my troubles knowing this too shall pass.

Just for today I will release the need to be right and focus on showing Your love in all situations.

Just for today I will harness the power of God to do what I can to make a difference.

Just for today I will stop my mind from taking me down dark and scary paths of fear and lack.

Just for today I will stay sober and sane and remain in my own right size.

Just for today I will ask more questions and listen more closely.

Just for today I will seek Your will in all things big and small.

Just for today I will laugh at myself for the silly mistakes I make knowing that I am trying my best.

Just for today I will release those I love to live their best life and stop holding them back with my judgments and opinions.

Just for today I will look for the good in every situation.

Just for today I will pray for those who are less fortunate than I and offer a hand to help.

Just for today I will appreciate the sunrise and the sunset knowing that another day has passed and I am still alive.

Just for today I will slow down and appreciate all the beauty You have surrounded me with.

The sky. A flower. A cool breeze. A ray of sun. A warm cup of coffee.

Just for today I will be still and know….

You are God.

You got this.

I don’t need to worry or control or get angry or frustrated.

You just need me to trust and follow for one more day.

I will.

Just for today.